A potential cure to my music issue..

So last night, I was doing very important things on the computer (liking a few Facebook photos, deleting emails), when on my news feed appeared a video. You may recall that a few weeks back I divulged my tiny tyrant’s love for a certain misogynistic song, which was quite the hit last Summer. Try as I might, my attempts to re-word the song into something more appropriate for a 16 week old aren’t going very well (the child knows full well the words aren’t “You know you wanna sleep”). Any attempts of searching for others in this predicament and their cures for it only led to even dodgier suggested lyrics, or rants about how terrible a parent you must be if you expose your child to such material.

I have a thing for spelling, and grammar, and punctuation. An unfortunate compulsion, for someone who seems to see signs that are incorrectly spelled everywhere. It is an affliction that I’ve had for years. During pregnancy, a friend linked me to a picture of a sleep suit with the slogan “I am silently judging your grammar”. I’m very tempted to get it for E.

It seems a natural progression then to combine the two – which is where this video has come in – Weird Al Yankovich has taken a year to do it, but he’s finally done a parody of Blurred Lines. Entitled “Word Crimes”, the lyrics are changed to a rant about incorrect grammar and how people are in need of linguistics training.

Absolutely love it.

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