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Anybody who knows me, knows I’m a stationery fiend. I look at pretty notebooks – too pretty to write in – and try in my head to justify buying them just to add them to my collection. In college I had a lot of different notebooks – while this sated my pretty stationery buying urges, my lack of organisation to boot meant that finding random references written on random pages in various notebooks was a bit harder than it should have been, leading to panicked sessions of cramming for final projects. Many hours have been spent staring at the Paperchase website, and many others like it, trying to justify my future lack of food. Who needs food when there is pretty things in life?

Last week, I got an email from the lovely people at, who to be honest, I’d never heard of before. They informed me that they too were in the pretty stationery (and other lovely things) business and asked me if I’d like to take a look. I could hear my visa card sighing, loudly, from my bag. Even moreso when I discovered their gift section, and their art section. But I’ve been good – so far – I’ve kept myself from spending just yet, and have instead spent my valuable baby nap time staring through the pages and pages of lovely things and creating a wish list, which totally isn’t a hint at anybody in particular. Ahem. Promise.

So, as this blog is all about the sharing, ye may as well join me in the swooning over pretty stationery, and personalised cards and oh-so-pretty artwork. I want it all. My bank balance disagrees with me. Dammit.

To start with; the stationery section. Oh wow. Definitely among the most pretty things I’ve seen in a while, these are starting to convince me that letter writing may not be a dead art after all (says she whose only real words these days get written on a screen). Not dead if its on gorgeous paper. And who doesn’t love getting post that isn’t a bill? Not me for sure 🙂 Check these ones out for style…

Minted Stationary

As if they weren’t cute enough, I’ve completely broken all resolve when I clicked on the custom art marketplace and discovered the Nursery decorations. At the moment E’s room is a work in progress so I’m always keeping an eye out for things to do it up to make it into his room as a toddler rather than the spare room with a cot in it. The artwork here is really cute, and in so many different styles that its making me consider a lot of different themes for the room – the only problem is which to pick!

Minted Collage 1


Finally, I do love me a good day planner, a pretty notebook to write all my plans and events into – it seems so much nicer than just adding it to the calendar on my phone. There is a whole amazing section dedicated to day planners and journals of all design types on Minted, I am officially in love and slightly needing to ban myself from this part of the site before winding up in dire poverty but surrounded by gorgeous notebooks. These are some of my favourites:

Minted Day Planners

My Visa card is in hiding now. Hopefully yours is too. If not, do check out the rest of the wonderful discoveries at – up next, how to survive on Noodles until Payday.. is providing me with credit for this website review.  I am writing my honest opinion and review of the website and the products that they sell. 


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