Reasons To Smile

I came across this linky blog post from Ojo’s World, which she is running through the month of June, and found it to be a little ray of sunshine. I got inspired to stop looking at whats going wrong on a day to day basis and take stock of everything that is going right, and everything which is making me smile.


E slept from 8-5 this morning with only one wake up for a feed at 1, which was quick and painless. Compared to the night before which was up every hour screaming after a battle to get him to sleep in his crib, it was bliss, and I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and like the sleep I’d got may actually make a dent into the bags under my eyes (yay for a layer less of concealer needed!). Definitely a much smilier person this morning.


You have to love a midsummer sale. Especially when you’re not yet fitting into half of the pre-baby wardrobe, but the maternity clothes are hanging off you (and depressing you anyway, three months later). Due to my attitude of not being willing to spend a fortune on clothes that I’m hoping won’t fit me for very long, the sales are making additions to my wardrobe but not as much of a dent to my purse, yay. Also, there are all of the cute tiny baby clothes on sale as well. Ridiculously cute.


It is still Summer in Ireland, and as far as I’m aware, the Leaving Cert finished last week (now that I’ve said that, the Great Floods will descend and we’ll all have to pile onto an ark). I’ve learned my lesson from the superbad sunburn, which is now after leaving me with beautiful tan lines, have my factor 50+ on leaving the house, with E coated in the same stuff despite not a ray touching him. We’ve even gotten that bloody parasol working, since every single shop I tried was sold out of those sun covers indefinitely. Definitely a plus being able to get out and about for walks around town and surrounding areas with the buggy 🙂


E got checked out this week by the Paediatrics in hospital after being referred for being a bit too small, and they’ve declared him perfectly healthy now. All ten and a half pounds of him 😀 The relief is fantastic!


This week I’ve been to a Cuidiu Mammy and Baby morning, had coffee with friends, and this morning, I am about to go sign up for a three month membership for a gym that has a creche in it for members use while working out. Getting up in the morning with actual purpose and needing to do something definitely makes a difference than waking up and having Groundhog Day, over and over again. I’m definitely someone who likes having a set out plan of things to do, a variable plan on a very variable timetable, but I like knowing I’ve something to do, people to see, somewhere to go.


It’s back working. 24 hours in a bag of wholegrain rice, sealed in a nappy bag (A Mammy McGyver move) seems to have done the trick. So relieved!

And finally


My saviour. My darling. The best investment I ever made. I’ve become a convert, especially to the Vanilla capsules. Means I get to have a latte in the morning, generally when E is asleep, or on his playmat. Definitely makes nights when we’ve been up a lot a lot easier to deal with!

How about you? What makes you smile?

Ojos World



  1. So lovely to read!! Did the need of rice come from a ‘mummy moment’? I’ve had a few of them, and mines now 6! haha

    Sleep……….now I’ve heard of this sleeping through, it does exist, right? xx

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