Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Five years ago today, I received the worst phone call I have received in my life; telling me that a friend of mine had passed away at an age far too young to even consider it being the right time. I was eighteen, and at that point in my head I could not reconcile that someone my age could be there, so full of life, one day and gone the next. Five years on at twenty three, it doesn’t make much more sense.

She was a mad spirit, there was no denying it, always full of fun and devilment, and fiercely loyal. There’s a void in the world thats not been closed since her leaving it, where there should be a girl sipping a cup of milk with a drop of tea in it, and chatting excitedly over copious amounts of chocolate. Little things still let me know that she’s there from time to time. Today it was the influx of Irish Heart Foundation collectors around town, asking for donations to fund CPR training in schools and community groups.

Five years goes so fast, it’s hard to believe. Time heals hearts, though never fully. So today, I’m just taking a minute to remember.

me and maga