Room For Improvement: 5 Essentials for my Dream Home!

I, like the rest of the Nation, was heartbroken to find out that the series of Room to Improve ended last Sunday night after just four new builds. I’d grown used to watching unsuspecting couples see their homes turn from ordinary, unsuitable for their needs houses to complete money pits with problems up to their ears, and then into magnificent mansions with ALL of the light. He loves a good window, does Dermot Bannon.

The show has gotten me inspired though, as to what kind of things I’d like to have in my dream house. Much as I love our apartment, as modern and insulated as it is, the dream is to have a house with more than two bedrooms, with space to fit everything we own into that doesn’t look like a mess of clutter. Not much to ask for, right? I may have resorted to Pinterest of late, inspired by the huge amounts of light, beautiful mezzanines and kitchens to die for (maybe not the concrete wall though. That’s a step too far). Here’s what I’ve had in mind. (This may have taken up a lot of hours of dreaming about the house that could be. Oh yes, that’s why it’s not exactly gone up on Friday…)

Room for Improvement - My Dream House -

The top choice I have is a playroom. Otherwise known as a single place where all of the singing plastic can live, instead of spilling its way into every single corner of every room. A life living in fear of stepping on Lego at any given moment is not a life lived as well as it could be! It would ideally come with its own self-cleaning service but that might be a tad too far into the realms of imagination. In later years it could be turned into a seperate chill out room, when all the singing plastic has been retired. Wooden floors and walls that hide “artistic” ventures of the tiny man with the colour of the paint are essential. The ideas I found on Pinterest really did get my mind running a million miles an hour – these two are really cool ideas which I’d love to put in (our dream house is clearly going to be a lot bigger than our current apartment!). Definitely a lot of fun and hopefully will keep E quiet (and not up to mischief!) while I can get some work done.

Speaking of which, a definite addition to any dream home would be a designated work space, an office of sorts but perhaps a bit more comfortable. A bit of a getaway from the rest of the house where I could focus on writing and seperate work from home life. Working from the kitchen table is alright for now, or rather, the living room floor, but a seperate study would definitely be up there in my wishlist. For this, I think an attic conversion would be ideal, as it would be making the most of the available space, while being away from the rest of the house leaving it undisturbed by tiny humans. I absolutely love sloped ceilings and think that something like a VELUX window would work perfectly to allow light to flood in (hopefully sunlight but this is Ireland we’re talking about!). I’ve always wanted one of them; to me they just added to the feel of any room, and the selection of VELUX blinds for them is gorgeous and really does make the room so much cosier at night time! To make the most of all that light, it’d have to be painted light and airy colours – White is probably the best bet for ensuring it doesn’t feel too dark and enclosed. This would also be one of the places I’d go mad for storage solutions in an attempt to be organised – whether it would work would be another thing altogether.


I quite like having an open plan kitchen/dining area/sitting room at the moment and this is definitely something I saw done really well in this series of Room To Improve. Something with lots of storage at reachable level – at 5ft 1, it’s rare to not have to stretch (or climb) or bend to reach anything in my current cupboards and this is definitely something I’d love to improve on. I love the idea of having a seperate pantry to the rest of my kitchen, definitely seems like a much more efficient use of space (and when organised properly they can look really amazing too!).

A proper deep bath. I absolutely love the design of those standalone baths, even if they can be somewhat inefficient use of space. All I need is a towel rail, somewhere to prop my book (and glass of wine) and a lovely bath bomb to make it absolutely perfect. (A seperate shower is definitely necessary for the 3-minute-in-and-out washes before a hectic day with a toddler, but for relaxing there is nothing like a properly deep bath with bubbles!

Last but not least, the all important bedrooms. For mine, I love the idea of a deep rich coloured wall (purples or dark teals are high on my list) with a tonne of storage – are you seeing a theme here? Big comfy bed is a must, and bedside lamps that are bright enough to find things, but not so bright that they blind you at 3am. Not too much to ask for. As for the child wonder’s bedroom? Something fun but safe for my little monkey – he will climb the walls if he’s let, so while treehouse style beds look cool, I’d be terrified he’d try to fly off them! This post I did a while ago about creating a fire-engine themed toddler room sums up a lot of it, but of course I found much more inspiration on Pinterest… I love the idea of the little tent/tepee that he can retreat to in the corner, and have spotted some amazing hacks for organising toddler stuff in their bedrooms in a way that doesn’t look like hard work!

So now, this week I’ve got no Room To Improve. Instead, I’m left willing my lotto numbers to come out, as I’ve got the money already spent on the house of my dreams according to my Pinterest account.

What would be your essential bits in a dream house? I’d love to see other people’s inspirations – let me know in the comments, and pray for my bank balance!

Disclosure: This post was written in association with VELUX, however, as always, all content and opinions are my own.

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