Searching, a Tale of Retail Therapy.

I’m on the hunt for two things in life at the moment – well, three, but overall the meaning of life is eluding me, so we’re going to have to generalise it to two things – boots and lipstick. Which makes me sound awfully materialistic, but the way I’m looking at it is that I’m more of a realist. I’m not going to a) lose 3 stone overnight and have the figure of a woman who has not had a baby in the last year, b) win the Euromillions and be able to throw caution to the wind and do things on a whim or c) wake up in the morning and realise what my life purpose is.

So. Boots and Lipstick it is. 

This morning I had something which so rarely occurs – child free time where I’m not meant to be doing anything. My shift didn’t start until about three hours after the child was picked up, so I afforded myself a lazy breakfast while watching Netflix, applied full makeup and dawdled my way into town. Dawdled, and not a hurry on me. I had an appointment made to get a Shellac manicure done at 9, but there was no panic, no rush. Made even less of a rush by the fact that the nail therapist never showed up, but there you have it. Thus, an hour of even more dawdling time where I could look for both of these things, and just wind up failing miserably in my attempts to find both.

I’ve been looking for a new pair of boots for ages – I’m currently living in my last years Winter Boots from Clarks which I adore, they’ve been re-heeled twice, and survived a full on year of overuse, but I want another pair that I can vary to. I’m being a bit fussy though, they have to be sensible enough to walk in, but pretty enough for me to want to wear them, and look decent with skinny jeans. Not much to ask, or so you’d think. Well, its currently November and I’m still looking for winter boots – I think I may have more of a problem than I previously had imagined.

On top of this, I’m searching for the epitome of lipstick – lots of colour, lots of staying power, won’t go everywhere when I’m eating and drinking. I’ve recently tried the No 7 Match Made lipstick-matching-your-skin-tone thing and found myself wearing a rather fetching shade of pink, Loganberry (I went in for red, but god the pink was pretty!), but am still left with a lipstick stained coffee cup. So I’m looking for suggestions – what are your lipstick picks for staying power (while making you feel pretty at the same time)?

Once I get this sorted, then I might manage the meaning of life…