9 Secret Santa Perfect Gift Ideas Below €20

Secret Santa is great. Instead of having to buy lots of presents for a variety of people, the focus is placed on just that one present. Generally it’s also under a price limit which makes it all fair – and easier on your wallet. Lots of Secret Santa arrangements will be doing their swap this week, so if you’re looking for a last minute idea, here’s the post for you. Here’s a look at nine gift ideas for your Secret Santa under €20.

9 Secret Santa Gifts For Less Than 20 euros


Bath Disco Light

Bath Light Secret Santa - BadMammy.com

For the friend who needs an extra excuse to relax in a nice bubble bath. It’s a bit different from the normal bath-stuff gift which can make up a lot of Secret Santa options, while still being fun relaxation. Stick on some music and enjoy the ambient lighting!

Hurrah For Gin book

Hurrah For Gin Secret Santa - BadMammy.com

For the stressed out parent who just needs an “I know what you’re going through, toddlers are MEAN” hug. Karen Kirby’s book released earlier this year is the perfect coffee table read. It understands. The book empathises. It promotes the coping mechanisms of coffee and gin and will likely make you giggle. A very worthwhile pick!

Selfie Light Case

Selfie light for phone Secret Santa - BadMammy.comFor the insta-mad friend who can’t get enough of their selfies. The gift of perfect lighting to perfect those social media snaps, this one also works as a stocking filler for any teens in your life!


The Big Book Of Awards For Grownups

Grownup Award Secret Santa - BadMammy.com

For the everyday hero in your life – sometimes getting out of the house is enough to deserve an award. Accompany this with a tiny trophy like this one from Flying Tiger, and commend that person for what they do best.

Busy B Organiser

Busy B Diary Secret Santa - BadMammy.com

I had this organiser this year. It likely would have worked out for me much better had I not misplaced it for half the year – yeah, I know, I’m a mess. The Busy Life Diary is incredible as it’s got two pages per week – one dedicated to one side of life (personal) and one to another (in my case, blog). Definitely allows you to keep things separate while checking there isn’t any scheduling conflicts going to cause havoc. For the busy friend who needs to keep up with their lives, this is a must.

I Could Pee on This 2017 Calendar

I Could Pee On This Secret Santa - BadMammy.com

Whether your friend is a pet lover, or lives with a feline they don’t quite get along with, this calendar should definitely get them cracking a smile. You can get it in Waterstones, on Amazon or in various other bookshops.

99 HairGrips Makeup Bag

99 Hairclips Secret Santa - BadMammy.com

For the girl into beauty who faces an all too familiar problem, this makeup bag should elicit a smile! It comes in a variety of colours too – pair with yet another pack of hair grips and you’re on a winner.

Hairybaby Procrastinators Mug

Hairy Baby Secret Santa - BadMammy.com

For the person who just keeps putting that one thing off…. until later. They may indeed be the late one with their Secret Santa gift but this will be sure to take pride of place for their cuppa at lunchtime. Cork company Hairy Baby has a brilliant selection of mugs as well as their t-shirts, bags, cards etc. The mugs are 13 euros each, making them perfect for a Secret Santa gift. They’ve gone down really well as Christmas presents in this house in the past!

Those are just some suggestions based on gift ideas I’ve come across online and in real life stores; I may have used it as an excuse to shop for various others too. The gifts also work really well as stocking fillers, or gifts for that “just a small gift” friend. Let me know in the comments – what is the best Secret Santa gift you’ve seen, and whats the worst? It doesn’t have to be yours, and names can be changed to protect identities if you wish. I’d love to hear from you!

I wasn’t sent any of these Secret Santa products as part of a review/recommended products post, they’re all just following me around the internet in my ads from what I’ve been eyeing up for friends and family (and maybe a few for me). As a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, I may get a few pingins towards my Christmas present bill if you decide to purchase any of these after reading this by clicking on the links in the names. No pressure, promise.