Seeing Results From Slimming World

I’ve just finished my fifth week of Slimming World. I wrote previously about starting it all off again, this weight loss journey, and how happy I was one week in when I was down almost half a stone. A few weeks have gone by, there have been some ups and downs along the way, but now I’m thrilled with how it’s going.

Seeing Results From Slimming World - An Update on my Healthy Weight Loss Journey - Lifestyle - 2016

My decision to start Slimming World came from a mixture of places – inspiration from friends and family members who have gone before me in starting, a realisation that Easter and toddler birthday is likely a recipe for disaster in jeans, and my upcoming (in a few months) 25th birthday. Mostly the latter, if I’m honest – I told myself I didn’t want to be this way, dreading jeans shopping, dreading photos, unhappy with my weight, by the time the half way mark of my twenties hit. That gave me a bit of a deadline – September 17th – to see real progress from my slimming journey. Not too bad, when the start date is April, definitely a bit of wiggle room.

I’ve added a load of new recipes to my repertoire, which as my long suffering family and ex-housemates will attest, is long overdue – to say I used to be able to burn water was an understatement. The fact that I’m now doing things from scratch and choosing to learn how to make something new instead of reaching for processed packaged foods is huge for me – and I’m really noticing the difference in both my waistline and my tastebuds. Perhaps it’s also the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing this myself! While the Diet Coke chicken has long been a favourite, I’ve also been trying things out in our new slow cooker (I am a convert) and adding new ingredients to stir fries which make the taste even better (I’m even sneaking some of the vegetables past the rest of the house!).

I’ve also been walking EVERYWHERE. I live about a 20-25 minute stroll from Cork City Centre, a wander that on creche days I do at least twice, but I’ve added lots of new routes to my wanders and have found that as well as increasing my general fitness and keeping me away from the (currently empty) biscuit tin, it’s also doing miracles for my mental health. I’m really enjoying it, whether it be out with the buggy, toddler in tow, going to visit the ducks at The Lough, or nice wanders down along the old Blackrock Railway line, or even solo to meet friends on the other side of the city for a well earned cuppa after a long walk. Who knew, those people saying for the last few years about exercise giving you those endorphins weren’t actually talking out of their asses? I’ve been keeping a close eye on my step count (in a semi obsessive way, I’m working on it), and have been averaging 140,000 steps a week – an figure that makes me thrilled now but would probably have made Past Me faint with exhaustion just thinking of it.

As far as treats are concerned, with chocolate I had to go cold turkey, the same with my horrific biscuit habit. While the first few days were tough, the cravings have worn off for the most part (until I have a little bit, then we’re back to square one) and I’m choosing better treats – yoghurt, fruit and carrot sticks being high on the list. I try to fill up with “Speed” foods – fruits and vegetables which will help my metabolism, which I could have sworn was on a work to rule, speed up and burn calories faster, hopefully speeding up the slimming process. One of my favourite snacks has been the super easy to make Egg Muffins.

Syn Free Snacks Egg Muffins - filling source of protein and vitamins - full of veggies - Slimming World -

They’re so handy to pop into the fridge and have – the only problem is, everyone else in the house loves them too so keeping a stock of them for snack time is a constant process! It’s not all been pious though – in the last five weeks I’ve had about one takeaway or meal out a week, I’ve had a small few alcoholic drinks (it helps that I’m not really much of a drinker!) and I’ve eaten food I really wanted to eat – it’s all about moderation and knowing what is overdoing it!

Today’s weigh in was fantastic – I got over the stone mark, having lost 15.5lb (just over 7kg) in  5 weeks.

Seeing Results On Slimming World - One Stone Down - 15 pounds -

After my amazing loss the first week, I was quite disappointed to be up half a pound the following week, but since then it’s been steady and I’ve had to take the approach that it’s a marathon not a sprint. I feel really good about my progress so far – I’m only one or two weigh ins (hopefully) away from reaching the Slimming World Club 10 – losing 10% of my start body weight – and am well on course for kicking ass with my September goal. It’s been a really good change for me, I’m hoping it continues to go this well!

If you’ve done Slimming World before and have any tips, or any suggestions for snack recipes, I’d love to hear them! Let me know in the comments or drop me an email!


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    1. Definitely the moving is making a big difference – I wish I could do more than walking, but I’m getting there! Thanks!

  1. I have my 3rd weigh in tomorrow. In the last 2 weeks I’ve only lost 3lbs?? I’m a bit disappointed but I’ll keep on trying. Alcohol is my downfall though – there’s no way I’m giving up my wines or G&Ts at the weekends. I need them for my own sanity 🙂 Good luck in your journey though.

    1. Yeah the alcohol can be a big one – luckily thanks to medication I had stopped drinking anyway for the most part so I don’t feel the loss. The syn values have increased for them as well :/ Best of luck going forward with it, 3lb is still great progress. Our leader passed around the weights and it really was great to feel just how much was in a pound and to know it was gone!

  2. Well done Lisa! It all starts with what we eat so it’s great Slimming World working for you. Exercise a major factor also. I had gained over 4 stone on second pregnancy and been addicted to sugary treats my whole life. Taking a leaf out of Ray D’arcy’s book I decided to opt for dark choc as a substitute and cut out all the crap I had been eating. Hard going to start but once I had a wee nibble of 70% bar that would curb the ole cravings. Now eating the 85% bar (even less sugar) but not sure I’ll ever be ready for 90% or more. It’s a constant battle but once we know we can do it once then it becomes easier. The best part is our bodies then stop craving all the processed sugar foods. Well done again. Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks Aoife! Yeah I found the sugar cravings an absolute killer – I’ve had one or two occasions since my cold turkey off it that I’ve had something really sugar high (looking at you, cookies from Four Star Pizza) and for the next three days I was like an addict needing another fix, it was horrible. Feeling so much better without the crap in my system now though, while allowing a “cheat” day as such to keep my sanity! It sounds like you’re doing great work too!

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