Snapshot of Sorts

Inspired by Suzy’s recent post, it’s time to revive the Snapshot post to show what exactly has been going on around here lately. We’re getting wintery and busy and spending days willing the germs in creche to avoid our three-foot-tall-typhoid-Mary(or Michael, whatever you want yourself). It’s gotten so bloody dark. On the plus side, it does mean that big coats and nice coffees are back in vogue. But anyway, on with the snapshot – what has been happening around here lately?

Snapshot of Sorts - Life Update

Listening To

My most listened to things these days seem to be actual radio programs in the car. I’m quite enjoying the new addition of Ciara Kelly at lunchtime on Newstalk, a much better fit for that slot. I’m working my way through Hillary Clinton’s “What Happened” on my Audible app but it’s a bit of a slow slog at the moment because I’ve not really dedicated the time to it. Was VERY disappointed by the new Robbie Williams book, Reveal, on Audible because I just couldn’t take to the reader – especially when he started trying to do different accents of different people.


I’m quite enjoying the build up of How To Get Away With Murder (watching at American pace) as the season goes by, as well as the usual staples of Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU. Have also begun watching Mindhunter on Netflix, which stars the lovely Jonathan Groff (Glee, Frozen, many many other things) and reminds me very much of early days Criminal Minds.

Family wise, we’ve started using the Disney Life app on recommendation from Kellie at My Little Babog and it is transformative. Not only does it provide PJ Masks on demand, we’re also after indulging in many family movie nights enjoying the Disney movies of our childhood and introducing them to Eliott. Of course, this brings up a whole lot more issues as far as Things-Not-Suitable-For-Kids-In-Disney-Movies, but that’s all part of the fun, right?


I’ve done a bit of reading lately – less than I want to, but more than I can probably fit in. I’ve already written about some of it on the blog – including fellow parenting blogger Nicola Cassidy’s debut novel December Girl.  I really enjoyed it, and can’t wait to see more from her in the coming years.

Toddler-wise, there’s been a lot of Dr Seuss. He’s a big fan of The Cat In The Hat. I am less so, but in the spirit of instilling his love of reading, I’ll play ball and only hide the book when he’s asked for it more than 3 nights in a row…

I’ve spotted lots of books that I’m putting on a To Read pile, there’s a long list building in my Kindle Wishlist. Now to get the time….

Looking Forward To

An end to this stage of toddler. It sounds terrible to wish the time away but the toilet training and the indignant refusing-to-listen toddler who runs off in shops is BREAKING me. I’ve written before about how three is breaking me and it’s continued on that theme since then. I know it’s not all the time. There are various moments where I have this sweet, funny, curious little boy but it feels like I see less of him these days (thank you, working mother guilt) and much more of the disobeying-t0-show-off, poo-in-the-corner child. It’s just a phase, I keep telling myself, and it’s only as much of a problem as I make it, but it’s bloody hard work. Parents of more than one three year old – I salute you (and send ALL the chocolate your way in exchange for survival tips).


Seasonally appropriate Toffee Nut Lattes. Not even sorry. (I have upgraded to a travel mug most days though, so at least it’s slightly more environmentally concious).


Layers. All of the layers. It’s bloody freezing BUT thanks to my body reacting really weirdly to different medications, I have a propensity to have hot flashes. So at any stage, you’ll catch me on a freezing cold day peeling off my layers, a big sweaty mess. Oh the joys of Chronic Pain Life. (There goes any yummy mummy points I was ever going to get, really, but hey, that’s the price of honesty.)


Too much, tbh, but it’s a work in progress. A lot of sushi lately, as the work canteen does seriously good maki and it feels like a much healthier option.

Working On

Buying a house! Yes, very exciting. We got mortgage approval about two months ago, then found a house, put in a bid that was accepted and we’re currently in the paperwork and checking it won’t fall down around us stage. I’m half afraid of jinxing it, and slightly terrified of the concept of moving house with a three year old (still slightly emotionally scarred from the last time we moved), but so bloody excited at the idea of not having to rent or worry about landlords deciding to up rent/sell up. There’s a whole other post/series of posts in the whole house hunting saga.

Also, Nanowrimo. That one is very much so a work in progress as I seem to work in bursts. I don’t write every day, but the ones I do I power ahead. I’m currently behind schedule, but sure, we’ll see where we are at the end of the month. It’s not really sticking to the rules (it’s non-fiction) but it is working as incredible therapy. Watch this space. Or don’t, whatever.

Permanently Frustrated By

The current shift that I’m on in work meaning that I don’t really get the quality time with my family. The joys of shift work means that I’m working throughout the weekend and not getting home until basically bedtime, or worse, the witching hour. We’re all tired and cranky and have spent the day using up all of our fun niceness on other people. And we’re toilet training and it’s getting nowhere fast, so it can be very hard to be the gentle loving parent I want to be. Roll on January, and lets pray my next shift pattern likes me a little bit better.


My new shiny phone. I splurged out and got the new iPhone recently, the 8, and I love it. My former phone may have taken a swim and lost it’s ability to make noise, or function without the “No volume” button taking up most of the screen. I could rave all day about the (underused) camera, or the prettiness, but I’m liking it.


So, there’s my life lately, in a snapshot. How have you been doing?

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