SnapShot: A Look at Life In March 2017

Inspired by the lovely Maud from Awfully Chipper, here’s a look at a snapshot of life at the moment. This is what life in our house looks like right now.

Snapshot - Life At The Moment

Listening To

Right now, I’m mid-way through the audiobook of “Stronger”, the biography of Jeff Bauman, the man who hit screens in a wheelchair after his legs were blown off in the Boston Marathon Explosion of 2013. It’s really inspiring and eye-opening, his experiences and just how his memory of before the attack ensured the capture of the perpetrators.

Aside from audiobooks and a decent dose of Matt Cooper on my evening commute, I’ve also been listening to Can’t Stop The Feeling from Justin Timberlake (the one from Trolls), because it brings all of the happy feelings.


Tiny man is watching a whole lot of Blaze and The Monster Machines at the moment. It means I go around singing the theme tune, but it FEELS educational. I just hope Netflix will change their minds on taking it away at the end of the month, I foresee many meltdowns.

We watched Trolls as a family last night, it was brilliant, I highly recommend.

For the adults, the fab Designated Survivor is back on Netflix, still as gripping as ever.


Much as I try to fight the addiction, it’s all about Candy Valley on my phone. Himself is deep into Clash Royale, but I’m dire at it – I’ll stick to the ones I can master!


I’m a lot behind on my aims for reading this year, however I started The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal by Ben Mezrich – the story behind the film The Social Network. I’m reading it with a very open mind as I know some of the “facts” in the book have been disputed from all sides, but it’s interesting. 

Little man has been enjoying more Julia Donaldson this week. We picked up a copy of The Gruffalo’s Child last week for the amazing bargain price of €3 in Bookstation – can’t be beaten!

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Looking Forward To

The weekend, and celebrating E’s birthday next week. He’ll be THREE, which I’m still getting to terms with, but it’d be nice to do a nice family day out.

Also looking forward to the upcoming meeting of Chronic Pain Ireland on 2nd April in Cork – I really got a lot out of the last one I attended and this time will be joined by Himself and my best friend.


I’m having a whole lot of lattes at the moment. I’m on pain medication for my back which tires me out quickly, so the caffeine keeps me going enough to have some semblance of keeping up with my toddler. It’s been made even nicer since himself brought me home two big bottles of Starbucks Toffee Nut Syrup (my absolute favourite) from his visit to the US last week. (So many brownie points).

Snapshot - Life At The Moment


For me it’s been my general easy-mammy uniform of Hoodie, jeans and boots/runners. Amazingly we’ve been getting some warm weather so some days it’s even just been down to a tshirt and jeans! Waiting on payday to head out and pick up a few new bits, I’m getting a bit frustrated with my wardrobe at the moment!


Too much. I’m in dire need of a kick up the bum as far as diet is concerned, but comfort eating has always been an issue for me so when I get increased pain, out comes the chocolate. I need the incredible willpower of Tracey – and to head back to Slimming World for a hopeful repeat performance of last time’s First Week, where I lost nearly half a stone.

I did make an incredible pork and apple slow cooker meal during the week though. It went down a treat for myself and himself (the toddler didn’t touch his, oh well, his loss). It took about ten minutes to prep, nine hours in the slow cooker (a proper dump it and run job) and it was delicious!

Working On

Trying to get a bit more organised with this whole blog thing. Working on something for Mother’s Day gifting, this time away from work is making me do things like crafting to not feel like a complete invalid! Cue stuck together fingers with strong glue and a lot more mess than I initially thought. However, it has resulted in things like this housewarming gift which I made for two friends from college who just bought their first house together.

Snapshot - Life At The Moment

Permanently Frustrated By

My limitations at the moment. I get tired so easily and have shooting pains in my hips and legs that starts in my lower back from doing the littlest of things. Physio is hard going – I’m seeing slight improvement but waiting for the miracle moment that my latest procedure starts kicking in with the relief. I’m really not good at this balancing pacing and parenting thing. It’s frustrating to talk to people who don’t really know what’s involved (medical professionals who don’t focus on pain/haven’t read my file) who dismiss it, it’s frustrating to constantly feel like I’m whining when in fact I’m just answering the question “How are you?”.

Also the mess of the house, but rectifying it is not within said limitations.


Watching TED talks on Youtube. It’s keeping my brain alive, it’s inspiring me and it’s opening up my mind to all things I’ve not noticed in the past. My current favourite is this one from Brené Brown, who I’ve mentioned in the past.

Not Enjoying

Side effects of pain meds. Toddler tantrums. The delay in actual Spring from arriving, very, very sick of Winter.

So, that’s us – what have you been up to?


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