Still trapped.


This is a colour scheme I am getting rather rapidly sick of.
Been told three times this week “You can go home if…” And each time my body has failed me. My blood pressure has decided it doesn’t like me, and goes all lovely and low in the mornings but decides half way through the day that’s no fun, and up it goes. Today it meant having to miss the “how to get the kid out” antenatal class. I assume this means that due to lack of training I can sit this one out, and wake up and be handed a kid, right? If not this is an idea I endorse a trial run of!

I’m like an old woman who eats nothing but salt. This is not my idea of a “glow”.

It was sunny today though, and worryingly enough, the food was not only tasty but filling. So either I had a last supper and nobody has clued me in (it came with cake, and cream cheese crackers, both put aside for later! Never happens!), or my appetite has suppressed during the week. Either way normally by now I am STARVING (half four last meal, hello) and I’m just nicely full, still. Miracle.

I do have to get the second steroid injection tonight though. Not something high on my bucket list if anything like the first – I’m not bad with needles but oh sweet god the sting as the stuff goes into your system!! It will all be worth it when baby gremlin comes out all “check out my awesome breathing skills”, especially if early, but in no way does it get a good Trip Advisor review for fun activities in Cork.

Hopefully I will manage to escape over the weekend and have something to write about that isn’t hospital food or blood pressure related, but time will tell.