Summer Days!

Summer has finally hit Cork. This is noted by the lobster shade my shoulders and chest have taken on, thanks to my great thinking of leaving the suncream in the wrong bag. Not advisable, especially when you have a tiny tyrant who likes to attack with his tiny claws!

But yesterday was beautiful. One of those gorgeous blue sky days. Everything was good – we had even gotten some sleep! And so off to the park we trekked. Fitzgerald Park was recently reopened after being done up, with the addition of the Sky Garden in there. They’ve done a nice job of it, even if the main piece didn’t strike me as particularly wonderful, but maybe I just didn’t get it.

Theres a gorgeous seating area overlooking the river that is covered over, which proved perfect for feeding little man, though the school group of ten year olds stampeding onto it did disturb a little bit. They were everywhere! Since it was such a gorgeous day, it seemed that the whole world had the same idea of grabbing their lunch at the Natural Food Bakery cafe in the park, and eating it outside – the queue was a mile long, which is great to see for a newly set up branch. We didn’t get to stay for lunch as E became rather fussy and it was easier to just keep heading on back towards town. From there we searched for something which would take the place of the stupid parasol which was not doing the job I bought it to do at all. Again it seems I was late to that party as everywhere seemed to be out of suitable covers for our travel system, but after seeing my distress on twitter, the lovely ¬†Bumbles of Rice¬†recommended the ShadeaBabe cover, so I think a trip to Mahon Point to Mothercare is in order. (And a sneaky trip to Starbucks while out there, oh the novelty).


Long may this weather last (though I’ll be better about the suncream next time, I promise!).Image