That Time I Was In The Sunday Times….

So, this blogging malarkey has opened a whole lot of doors for me. It’s introduced me to wonderful friends, gotten me into situations to work with fantastic companies and occasionally has managed to even get my name in print. I write for the love of writing, as a form of expression and venting, and I couldn’t have imagined just how much more than an online word-vomit this blog was going to turn out to be.

My writing particularly about mental health has been cathartic and reassuring. Between comments from readers and posts from others involved in Mental Health Monday, I’m made to feel like I am not alone, and that others are being made feel that way too. That feeling of validation (yes, I need external validation from time to time, I’m only human) is furthered today by the fact that a fairly massive picture of me and a piece interviewing me appeared in a supplement of the Irish version of The Sunday Times.

That Time I Was In The Sunday Times -

Thrilled is not the word. The very lovely Danielle Barron contacted me a while ago. She asked if I’d be interested in being part of the Self supplement in Novembers Sunday Times. I jumped at the chance. I answered questions, talked about mental health, chronic pain and how I blog it all, and today found it printed in front of me. Sheer glee.

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I hope that it came across well. Perhaps one or two readers may find their way to the blog as a result. My writing about mental health is set to continue for a long time yet. It’s a very important topic to me. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to be featured on such a widely read platform. (Yes, I’ll stop gushing now).

So, that was my Sunday, how was yours?


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