Swings and Roundabouts

Today was one of those days. I’m off work on Mondays at the moment, which is nice, as I get to do productive things on my time off, things are open and there can be all of the window shopping. Also, places aren’t as packed as they are at other points during the week so its easier to get around. Today started off as one of those perfect days. As perfect as it can get when it starts at 6am, anyway.

E was smily all morning. We rowed the boat, played with his toes, attempted yet again to teach him how to crawl (he has the arm, arm bit down, its the leg movements that have him stumped), and by the time morning nap time came around he fell asleep fairly quickly. He went down in the cot easy and I set about doing housework, while watching old episodes of UnderCover Boss.

I pureed baby food, sweet potato, butternut squash and mixed fruits. Put them into ice cube trays for freezing. I made Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash soup from scratch, the very first time I’ve ever made soup from scratch (and it was divine – and FREE on Weight Watchers Simple Start! Yay!). I’ve even got enough for lunch tomorrow too. Washing up done, house organised and child still fast asleep. This never happens. I should have known to be wary.

Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato soup, made from scratch.


He eventually woke up (of course as soon as I lifted the soup spoon to my mouth), had some lunch, and into the buggy he went for our much-mentioned trip to the park. Today was the day I’d try him out on the baby swings for the very first time. We walked to the park via UCC, where I got a gorgeous coffee, and the people in Starbucks got my name right for once. We got to the swings, they were free, the park was pretty deserted.

He loved it. A bit unsure at the start, but once he got into it and Mammy had both of his hands as he swung, the giggles were brilliant. Definitely something we have to do again in front of his Daddy, because its pure joy that I wish I could bottle for days when I need an extra boost. We will definitely be going back.

We followed up our debut on the swings with a trip to the slide (sure, why not?) and then down to the ducks. There are quite a lot of ducks in the rather filthy pond, so we sat on one of the benches and looked out at the ducks – E was enraptured, this was clearly the most amazing thing in the world (this was a big day!).

And then. My picture perfect, catalogue parent day came crashing down. I noticed a familiar smell. Nappy time.

Whipping out the changing stuff, I lay him down on the bench, removed his jeans and saw a stain on the side of the baby grow. Shite. Opened it. And realised that was the least of my worries, as a poo-splosion had taken place and the poor child was coated up his back and down his legs. And it was fairly cold outside, so couldn’t exactly whip the clothes off to change there and then. I did what I could with baby wipes (there is only so much you can do!), then covered him up with the fluffy blanket and hot-tailed it to the cafe, praying for a quiet corner.

It seems that the cafe in the park has gotten a lot better since being taken over by the Natural Food Bakery and now includes a changing area. I thanked many deities for this miracle, the changing room with “For CUSTOMER use only” written in massive writing on the door. Baba changed, I was left with no option but to invest in cake, to bring home to have after dinner tonight. Worse things have happened, and after dealing with that explosion, I felt as if it was at least a little bit deserved. Carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting. Nom.

In the midst of all of this, I also noticed that Morgan the Monkey, the blue squeaky Lamaze toy E was cuddling for the last few days, had vanished. Crap. Searched the buggy. Nope. Not in the bag, or the basket, or in with the child. Morgan had decided this was a party he didn’t want to attend and had remained with the ducks, or the swing set. Except he hadn’t stayed there, and after trundling around the park I resigned myself to having to buy a Morgan 2.0 in the fashion I assume we’ll have to perform with a few goldfish over the next 18 years. Which would have been grand, only for the places I have seen that bloody monkey sold every week for the last six months no longer had him. Double crap. He, however, decided that when we got home was a great time to appear in the basket of the buggy – where he hadn’t been all afternoon. I feel like I’ve been Toy Story-ed.

Morgan “I’m Not a Toy” The Monkey, came home after all.

Bit of a mixture of a day, from super ups (housewife of the year behaviour, the swings) to poo-splosions.. Back to work tomorrow. 



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