Diet Coke Chicken, delicious and sinless?

Since starting off my Slimming World Journey, I’ve been experimenting with more cooking in the kitchen – getting rid of the processed food and learning to cook from scratch. This is easier said than done with a very active toddler, so I have found some old favourites rejigged to be a happy compromise. Diet Coke Chicken was a favourite dish of mine during my Weight Watchers Days, and now that I’m under a less restrictive diet and feeling more confident, I’ve been making some changes. The result is a delicious dinner which all the family loves (okay, the toddler eats two spoons and then walks away, but he does that with everything).

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Coffee in Cork City: My Top 5 Coffee Spots


I’ve always been a big coffee person – for a lot of my college life, I was pretty sure that if I got a cut, I’d bleed pure caffeine. Becoming a parent has not helped with lessening my caffeine levels; in order to keep up with the toddler it is recommended to be running on fumes and coffee beans! Due to this necessity, I do spend quite a lot of time trying out different places to find “my” coffee place. Somewhere that can make the perfect cup to wake me up in the morning. It’s not just about the coffee though, the service can make a serious difference (much nicer to be perked up by a nice personality as well as the caffeine hit) so I’ve definitely got a few places earmarked as “favourites” in this little city that I now call home.

top 5 coffee spots in cork - four walls rainy days - ireland 2015


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Brunch at No. 9 Barronstrand St; a Delicious Treat

As part of my trip back to the not-so-sunny South East, a couple of visits to Waterford were in order. I’ve got a lot of extended family who live in the city, and it is one of my favourite places in Ireland, having spent ,most of my teenage years spending any free time hanging out in the city, living in The Book Centre and having a lot of lunch breaks from work in the same cafe every single time with the same friends. Said cafe no longer exists sadly (RIP four euro chicken goujons and mashed potato), but it has been replaced by a wonderful cafe which is both adult and child friendly, No. 9 Barronstrand St, in Georges Court Shopping Centre. I’ve been in here once or twice but never with my own child until today, when myself and the Mammy decided we’d treat ourselves to brunch. We were not disappointed.

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Foodie Friday: Checking out Box Noodle, Cork

four walls rainy days box noodle cork foodie friday

The diet is still on, don’t worry, but some times you have to have a bit of a cheat meal. Lately in Cork, everywhere you look there have been springing up “Asian Street Food” restaurants and takeaways. As someone who quite likes her food asian but isn’t a fan of MSG, seeing that the two combined in one of these establishments was definitely a call for me to try it out. I apologise for the pictures; food blogger I am not, but having tried it for dinner one date night, I decided to try it for lunch with a friend the other day and review it on the blog.  Read More

Foodie Friday: Sweet Potato Cottage Pie


As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’ve made the trek back to Weight Watchers to kickstart weight loss all over again. I’m not going to say it has been easy – I can hear the chocolate singing to me – but there are definitely workarounds to most of the foods I really enjoy on the Simple Start plan, which is what I’m on at the moment. I also have to keep in mind that what I eat should be suitable for E (and himself as well) the vast majority of the time, as E has lately re-discovered food and especially food off Mammy’s plate. He’s definitely making up for lost time! One of my recent recipe discoveries has been a slight twist on a recipe from the “Cooking the Weight Watchers Way”, which I bought from my group leader first time around – a Sweet Potato Cottage Pie.  Read More

Motivational Monday : Back to Weight Watchers

motivational monday

Last year, to get rid of the baby weight, I joined Weight Watchers. I went from a size 16 to a size 12, losing a stone and a half in the process, between July and November. I was thrilled.

And then I got bored, and lazy, and started making excuses. The baby wasn’t sleeping, work was making it difficult to get time to exercise and make proper dinners, the chocolate was calling me and I was sick of the sight of low calorie brown bread. So I stopped going, told myself I’d go back in the New Year, and that surely the habits I’d learned would keep me on the straight and narrow. I had a way to go on my weight loss journey but I said I’d get back to it. Read More

Cooking up a Netflix Storm

I like food programmes, despite being a crappy cook. I aspire to have the talent of those onscreen, but forget to turn off the oven on time. Nonetheless, my watching them convinces me that one day, I too will be able to make incredible creations, or at least feed my family healthy food and have to resort to processed take-away goodness less.

Lately, I’ve found myself watching a lot of Foodie Documentaries on Netflix (following on from my interest piquing with Super Size Me) , particularly when I’m cooking dinner, I like sticking a show on the laptop and watching it as I’m prepping dinner, and try to remember to pay attention to my timings while watching. There’s been a lot thats caught my interest lately. Read More

Loves of the Week

Loves of the Week

So we’re half way through the week, I’m on my Friday of my work week (only 3 days in this week, the joy of my long weekend last weekend!), and honestly, I’m only fit for the bed. Life has been so hectic lately and I think I’m just rather run down, and looking after a tiny man with a huge personality and a large capacity for exploring requires so much more energy than I ever could have anticipated. Honestly, if you could bottle his energy, I’m fairly sure you could make a fortune selling it to poor wrecked people like me!

On the side of all this hecticness, theres been certain things keeping me going; these have been my little loves of the week! Read More

Foodie Friday: What am I doing?

Today, in between getting lashed rain on and winding up in my pj’s in bed watching Bob the Builder (what a man, keeping my demon distracted and SILENT for fifteen minutes!), I found myself watching a documentary on women’s relationship with food in Ireland. It was broadcast on RTE this week so I found it on their player, and found myself drawn into it as its something which has been prevalent in my mind of late.  Read More

Yummy Guilt Free Cake, oh yes.

IMG_2196For the last few years, I’ve developed a habit of baking when I’m stressed. For a girl who only did one year of Home Ec in school, I seem to have developed an affinity with it for taking the blues away – as my college house mates will attest to. Generally it wouldn’t be much variation from buns and brownies, unless it was one of those “Add an egg to the packet” things – but there would be a gorgeous smell radiating through the house and a table full of goodies at the end of it, ready to be distributed to whoever would take it – while I was a stress baker, I wasn’t much of a stress eater. Much. I knew that demolishing the cakes was a bad idea. Read More