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The Chronic Pain / Chronic Illness Alphabet

As someone who lives with chronic pain and chronic illness, I’ve got a fair bit of downtime. I’m currently out of work as managing full time employment when your pelvis screams at you for sitting down isn’t exactly the easiest proposition. However, the child is in Montessori all day, so I have had to find something to keep my mind busy or I’ll go completely demented (there is only so much The Good Wife re-runs a woman can manage). And so, my latest creation is this: The Chronic Pain/Chronic Illness Alphabet – an A-Z guide to Chronic Life. Hopefully it will ring a bell with others who are living with chronic conditions, and bring some more understanding to those lucky enough to not interact with it.

The Chronic Pain and Chronic Illness Alphabet


Our New Housemate

Our New Housemate

In the last week, we’ve gained a new housemate. They weren’t very welcome to begin with, taking up space and making everyone miserable, completely inconsiderate. At this point they’ve overstayed their welcome and don’t even bother taking the bins down or doing the dishes. On top of everything, the rent isn’t being paid. Gastroenteritis, you’re a ridiculously bad lodger, but for whatever reason we can’t get rid of you.  (more…)