The Downside to Internet Parenting

I’m a big advocate of the internet and how it has enhanced my experience as a mother. Through my online communities on Facebook and beyond, I’ve met some incredible parents who have shared their experiences. I’ve made fantastic friends who I never would have met otherwise. I’ve had conversations late into the night about the frustrations of motherhood and been made to feel less like I’m going crazy and more like I belong. I have found my village. It’s a wonderful resource, a fantastic element which many people find essential to their daily lives. However, with all great power (the power of the online community), comes great responsibility, and I feel that this is something which can be easily ignored in the heat of the sleep-deprived moment.

The Downside to Internet Parenting -

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Into an Internet Wormhole

down the internet wormhole youtube list four walls rainy days

There are certain websites which should definitely have taken on the Netflix tactic of asking you every couple of hours if you’re really sure that you’re still watching. Youtube is definitely one of them. While yes, this is basically a tactic to guilt you into going outside into the sunshine instead of watching yet another episode of House of Cards or The Good Wife, it may be worthwhile, if at the detriment of stopping you from discovering the joys of the underside of the internet. I fell in this evening. My findings are a mixture of joy, fun and general “how did that get online?”. Read More

Lately On The Internet



Lately on the internet

It’s been a busy few weeks for me; aside from having some time off work and spending my days chasing after a half-nappy-changed toddler who is crawling faster away from me to escape than I can run, I’ve spent a lot of time online. While a fair bit of my time has been spent indulging in the wonders of my Netflix subscription and entertaining my Law and Order SVU ¬†obsession; I’ve also spent a lot of time in the blogging world, both reading and writing. Here are some of my highlights… Read More