real estate in the city

When I write different posts for this blog, there are a couple of different motivations. Some posts are ones which I know I will cherish when my baby is no longer anything resembling a baby anymore, memories of a time with innocent eyes, cheeky smiles and chubby toddler legs. There are some which I write as informational pieces, bits I would have wanted to know, things I frantically googled while pregnant/in the early days, hoping that someone tired and in need of answers will find it and feel some relief. There are definite pieces which serve as contraceptives if nothing else; tales of screaming sleepless nights, poo explosions and the messy side of parenting where you start to wonder how you got to this place. I started this blog for me and it has become something bigger than that, a platform where my words are read by others, even considered good by some! (more…)