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Perfect Pancake Recipes That Your Kids Will Love This Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday is tomorrow – 13th February. In the past, it was intended as a way to use up all of the eggs, butter and fat before the LentenĀ fast. These days, it’s much more of an excuse to get pancakes for many meals (or at least one) midweek. Whether you’re a thin crepe with lemon and sugar, or thick American pancakes with all the fixings kind of person, here are a selection of pancake recipes tried and tested by parenting bloggers that you AND your family are sure to love, without any pre-made mixes in sight!


Banana Pancakes; a break from Hunger Striking


So lately, as well as a sleep issue, we’ve been dealing with the fact that E, previously a decent eater, has decided to go on hunger strike. He won’t be spoon fed, and most food has a bite taken out of it and is flung on the floor. I’d take it as an insult to my cooking if the same wasn’t applied to carrot sticks and raisins – which have become somewhat of a staple diet. He’s 13 months old, and on the lower side of the normal weight scale, so obviously this has caused a bit of panic. I’ve been reassured by the doctor that his appetite is normal, that he’ll start eating in his own time, that I should stop worrying – but as a parent, I’m not sure we can ever turn that switch off. (more…)