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Not sure how I got here…

not sure how I got hereOnce upon a time, I bought an Android phone, and declared it to be the most wonderful thing ever. I laughed at people with iPhones, called them sheep, including my lovely man friend, said they were unnecessary and overpriced and that mine did everything theirs did.

Then I started using an iPhone. For professional reasons. Of course.  (more…)

The Irish Summer

The thermometer outside Sam McCauleys earlier advised me that it was 26 degrees in Cork today, at about 2pm. I think we can officially call this a heatwave. The streets are filled with some rather unfortunate clothing choices, as normal when the sun goes on for longer than three days. It seems that half the female population of the streets I saw today were after running out of summer clothes, and so they opted to either go for the gym wear, or rather unfortunately for some, their clubbing clothes. Playsuits on people who should not be wearing playsuits. Some things just shouldn’t be seen without vodka goggles… (more…)