Teething Pains

It’s been an eventful week inside these four walls (and its only Wednesday, oh dear). We’ve had a lovely trip to Fota Wildlife Park, started a new diet (me, not the whole lot of us), gone self-hosted, renamed the site and E has started teething. A mixed bag, most definitely. And unfortunately the child isn’t the only one experiencing the teething pains!

It seems that the Magical Tooth Fairy hasn’t gotten the message that we ordered the pain-free option for tooth delivery. The poor little mite is red-cheeked and screaming, bubbling at the mouth and drooling everywhere. It seems that one sleep interruption just happens after another, we’d somewhat gotten into a form of a routine where he only woke up once or twice a night after the debacle of his injections, and now its gone and messed up again, so baby is back in the bed by morning the last three nights running. Which would be fine and all, but he doesn’t fancy sleeping now that teeth are drilling their way down into his gums and giving him attitude. Sophie la Girafe, the small soft one, arrived today, so fingers crossed she’ll make it a bit easier and be something other than me to drool on. Between the drool, and his newfound love for getting all possible bodily fluids onto Mammy and everywhere else, I will never fail to be stunned by the glamour of this job title.

The other teething pains are my own – thankfully not literal, though I did wake up over the weekend with painful gums, damn ye sympathy pains! Mine this week were more of the new beginnings type and the so-not-good-with-technology type – joining Weight Watchers and deciding to go self hosted within 24 hours. By 24 hours later, I was cursing the new diet for not allowing me to drown my technically-challenged sorrows in chocolate, as the website continued to veer into a 404 page error. A few days of cursing, crying and serious willpower away from the chocolate, a magical internet guardian angel has fixed the issue, and now we’ve got the blog working, under the new domain name, and can work on prettying it up from now on! Yay! The diet has also started feeling slightly easier, though this evening I would kill for a takeaway, after the long day I’ve had. It’s not actually “bad” foods I’m craving though – I expected the chocolate desires to enrapture me but no, its butter. I keep telling myself it will be worth it when I can go jeans shopping happily again, but its certainly an adjustment. Unfortunately my plans for the gym had to go by the wayside as they decided to close the creche for Summer (boo) so its no longer as convenient with the little man. Back to the drawing board!

In the mean time, I just hope we survive tooth number one.

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