The best things in life

Since Christmas, my house has contained a lot of singing plastic. There are songs about driving in cars that get stuck in my head, which leads to strange looks when I’m humming them in work. They know just how to switch on or be hit off just as a tiny tyrant has given in to sleep, resulting in eyes shooting open and a sudden, unwelcome wakeup which takes another round of shushing and reassuring that Mama is there and it’s alright, to the sounds of “Puppy’s coming round the mountain” (Mammy slightly wants to murder Puppy some nights). E is a very lucky boy who has lots of toys which he loves playing with. Our house contains more toys than possessions we use; moving is going to be hell but he’s happy.

Despite the singing plastic, it seems his favourites are the simple things, the cost free things, general household things which seem to gather his attention like the expensive plastic things never quite can. I look at these things and while thinking how pointless a lot of that plastic was to buy, I look at it positively as a sign of him developing his imagination, and how he can turn something so perfectly ordinary into a thing of fun and laughter. There’s lots of laughter, it’s a happy house, and that’s all I can ever ask for.

My little mans top five household toys are:

1. Colander and Spoon
Ah the inevitable “bang it and it makes noise”. The sound of metal on metal thrills him, and the discovery that it makes different noises dependant on what way it was facing up went down very well. Easiest way ever to keep him quiet (well, noisy but not in an unhappy Whiney way) for five minutes while I can grab a much needed cup of tea!

2. The Washing Machine
I should add the disclaimer that he doesn’t actually play with the washing machine. But it works better than any episode of Peppa or Bob the Builder; literally just the washing going around and around – even better if its on the dryer cycle and making the banging noises. Apparently I’m missing out on the great entertainment as this one can last for a good twenty minutes without ever getting boring; directors of soap operas take note…


3. Wet wipes
Hand him the packet and you’ve not met a happier child. Every time he takes one out he licks it, scrunches up his face and gives a look to say “Why did you let me do that? Yuck!!”. The crinkling of the plastic makes it a good tactile one as well.

4. A box
So those singing plastic things all came in big boxes at Christmas – big boxes which have since become forts for playing in with building blocks, or walls to climb up as we learn to stand up on our own. For Mammy and Daddy it gives a few minutes of not having to worry about him falling over from sitting and hitting his head; and he’s happy out to play in the tiny amount of space!


5. Egg cups
We’re a big percussion fan in this house. Spoons become drum sticks and egg cups and building blocks are used for making music by hitting them off each other, or his wooden xylophone. Quiet is not a word that gets utilised often in our house; but these are sounds of joy and a little part of me will miss them when they’re gone (and he’s gone off to become the next Phil Collins, clearly). Egg cups are easy noise makers – though it does mean I can never find them for actual eggs.

What normal household items are the coolest toys in your house?


  1. When my kids were small and I minded others I had eight under seven. I used to wait until the dreaded hour, that time around 4.45 when I would be making dinner and the two babies aged just over twelve months would get really cranky. I couldn’t carry the three of them so I’d use my secret weapon…. the saucepan drawer. Out would come the pans, wooden spoons and bowls and with much banging and screeching they would happily play on the floor while I got the dinner.
    Way more effective than any toy.
    Thanks for bringing back happy memories. Lovely post.

    1. Glad to bring back memories… the saucepan drawer is still up my sleeve for when he gets a bit bigger, thankfully the washing machine suffices for dinner making at the moment 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

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