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I’ve had Netflix for about a year and a half now, and was lucky enough near the end of last year to become a member of the Netflix Stream Team, which has been a fantastic experience. With the Netflix subscription, we didn’t bother renewing our UPC subscription so have saved ourselves money, and time listening to their dire on hold music when the blasted thing wasn’t working (most of the time). In comparison, price wise it was a no brainer, and content wise it just meant less of the crap rubbish mid-week tv I was watching (anything decent live can be watched on the channels player generally online) and more time to catch up on those series that I’d said for months I really should watch.

All Time Favourite:

This is where I begin to sound like a broken record, but definitely The Good Wife. I got absolutely sucked into the lives of Alicia, Will, Diane and Cary and the goings on in their law firm. Alicia is heading back to the workforce after scandal has caused her marriage and her husbands career to nosedive; she is facing a rather Hilary Clinton-esque fate. With amazing clothes (it seems Michelle Obama agrees). It makes for enthralling viewing (as you can see from the video below). Netflix had the first five seasons up, and now I’m all caught up so have to wait until the newest season begins to continue the journey meaning I’ve to find something else to watch.

For the child side of things, Bob the Builder is a serious contender, as there are numerous different series to choose from in the childrens section! I am forever groaning at Bob’s complete lack of cop on with regard to Wendy’s schoolgirl-like infatuation with him; while attempting to get that song (it made number one in the charts for more than one week!) out of my head! And, remember this? Yeah, those lyrics remain stuck in my head to this day more than the real version thanks to babysitting – didn’t think I’d be doing this all over again!

Current Addiction:
Lately my thing is documentaries; of all kinds. Netflix is full of them and while keeping my brain alive and adding to the knowledge I will likely never use, I do feel better for watching them than a re-run of something mindless like 90210 (though a good mindless episode is good too, just not all the time).
My favourites lately have been:
Bowling for Columbine
A fascinating documentary about the prevalence of gun violence in the USA. Unfortunately things have not improved much since its release, but it does give an insight into what is behind the reluctance to further regulate the arms market. It’s 13 years old but still very, very relevant.

You Laugh But It’s True
A documentary headed up by South African comedian Trevor Noah, one of my favourite comedians at the moment, showing the build up to his first ever one man show. Quite funny and really interesting to see the background from which his comedy comes from.

Wish List:
I wish the UK version had the Gilmore Girls. Potentially ER. And full series of everything, rather than just some series.
Pet Peeve:
It stopping half way through a show to ask if I want to continue. Yes, I know I’ve been watching for hours, stop judging me Netflix!
Marathon Essentials: 
Comfy seat, tea, the child at a distance where he can’t turn it off!
What’s on your watch list?:
There is a fair bit on my watch list at the moment – lots I’ve been meaning to get to but for whatever reason not managing it. Some of the stuff is:
Orange is the New Black (yes, I know. I should have gotten there already).
House of Cards (as above)
Aileen: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer – this kind of stuff always catches my interest.
Mr Brooks – more serial killers. This time with added Kevin Costner.
Les Misérables – as a musical lover I have no idea how this has taken so long.
World War Z – Am hearing it’s fantastic!
You Should Watch:
As well as all of the above listed favourites and addictions; these are a few you should add to your list!
  • Downton Abbey. If you haven’t already, you must. The costumes. The drama. Maggie Smith. Need I say more?
  • Limitless – interesting concept really well executed.
  • Mr & Mrs Smith. As well as being the film where Brangelina happened, it’s actually a pretty good watch.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – just don’t blame me when the theme tune is stuck in your head.
I Now Tag:
Thank you to Laura over at My Life As A Mummy for the tag!
As a member of the Netflix Ireland Stream Team I have received a complimentary one year Netflix membership along with an Apple Tv. I will in turn be featuring Netflix related blog posts. All opinions are my own, and I was already subscribed to the service beforehand.

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