The War Against Mammy


My little fella is finally growing into normal, non premature baby, clothes sizes. Which gives us a lot more choice thankfully, because as cute as the tiny dungarees we got in Tesco were, after 8 weeks we were getting a little tired of the same four outfits! I’ve become one of those people who finds it difficult to walk past the baby section in any clothes shop, or Tesco, without picking up a little top, or dungarees, or cardigan (I really need to stop with the super cute cardigans, we are not getting cold enough weather for the gorgeous tiny things I pick up!). In my quest to fill my sons life with the cutest of the cute clothes that now finally fit him, I’ve discovered a prejudice against Mammy. 

I’ve managed to pick up numerous little tops and bibs that go on about how handsome/strong/cool/incredible Daddy is. Daddy is the king of the world as far as his wardrobe is concerned. Which is all well and good, and very cute, but what about the woman who gave 9 months of a troublesome pregnancy and 35 hours of frustration to get him into the world? Where are the “My Mammy is amazing” tshirts, bibs and overalls? Nowhere to be seen. I’ve searched, believe me. Not as a vanity exercise for the most part, though I did feel like equalising the playing field a little, moreso a discovery mission. Not an jota to be seen in any of the shops I’ve looked in (and my wanderings of the city have led me into any and every shop with buggy access).

Instead, we have a barrage of “My mummy is great” clothes. Mummy. Mum, at a push. God how I hate those words. I’m not Mummy, or Mum. I’m not anything at the moment to be fair, but when we’re talking in the third person to the little man its Mammy, or Mom at a push, and I’m not so happy about Mom. But everything clothing wise rants and raves about how incredible Mummy is, and not a word about Mammy. Mammy who stays up all night with screaming baby, Mammy who struggles through breastfeeding after a c section, Mammy who has fallen in love with tiny gremlin who makes her so wrecked all the time.

I know these companies are English and thats why, but why are there no Irish lines to be found, for some variety? I’ve googled it, and heres the insult to injury, it corrected my search “Mammy Sleepsuit” to “Mummy Sleepsuit”, thinking I clearly had it wrong, using the Irish google search engine. Apparently you can get them custom made, but I’d rather be able to walk into a shop, in a country where the vast majority of mothers are mam, mammy or ma, and see something I’m wanting to put on my child!


This Mummy craic in a country of mainly Mammies is simply not on…


(Pic at the top is from the Tesco website).


  1. I thing the “awesome daddy” stuff it probably because of Father’s Day coming up. But i always get annoyed that I can’t find “mammy” on clothes my fiancée is “mom” to my son so if like to have few mammy and a few t-shirts in mix!!! Even online LGBT stores alway say “I love my moms”

  2. Ah yes, the Father’s Day coming up does add more sense to it, but there are almost an equal amount of the “Mummy” ones about. I must have a look for “Mom” ones as a compromise for the moment – in Cork it seems to be the given whereas in Wexford you’d be looked at strangely for it! Here’s hoping some Irish clothing company hears our cries and starts selling them!

  3. I think plenty of Irish people do say Mum or Mummy, though. I’m always surprised when I see Irish blogs saying “Mom” because I think of that as purely American.

    But I agree, there’s a definite gap in the market for an Irish company to come up with some Mammy baby clothes. You should get on to Dunnes about that.

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