4 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

This is not a broody post. Promise. This is also definitely not an indication that another sprog will be entering the equation any time soon; no siree, we are a family of three and happy that way for the foreseeable (20:20 vision) future. The things I do not miss about being pregnant (a much longer list) have certainly made that one definite – that and the fact that I’ve yet to discover the sleepful nights, no nappies part of this parenting craic, nor proved myself able to keep something alive for more than a year. That’s definitely a goal I should attempt to meet before deciding the first one went well so another would be grand. It didn’t work out so well for any plant I’ve ever owned (god love that aloe vera, it takes effort to kill those…) but he seems to be faring well. Anyway, point made, this is a broody but not broody post, inspired by a pregnancy announcement by a lovely blogger friend of mine.

4 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant - BadMammy.com

There are certain aspects of pregnancy that are nicer than others, these were some of the things that in hindsight I kinda miss…

1. Maternity Clothes

God, they’re forgiving. And absolute liars when it comes to size but oh so lovely. I found my kindred spirits in the denim designers of Next, who deemed my definitely-a-lot-more-than-a-size-10 ass worthy of feeling like a girl far smaller than I’d been in years. They’re perfect Christmas dinner clothes, perfect any meal clothes because they just relax. I was a fan of the under the bump, stretchy at the sides types, which I absolutely lived in (they told me I was a THIN woman!), I had four (which became three, RIP first pair, cut apart too soon) pairs and would still be wearing them if it was socially acceptable and if they weren’t now too big. For the ego boost alone. And yes I’ve contemplated buying a smaller size but have been told no. Only punishing non maternity sizes for me now. Humph.


2. Cream Cheese and Bacon Bagels

So this was my one craving when I was pregnant. I didn’t get any weird ones like licking coal or eating sponges covered in custard. At one point a scan tech advised me that I may have to give up cream cheese, she got a look and was ignored from thus on – I did not enjoy pregnancy and this was one of my mercies. Later during my entrapment in the great Cork Prison (otherwise known as CUMH when you’re not stuck there for five weeks), I used this craving well to feed myself in the evenings as the bagel bar was responsible for nutrition between 4pm and 8am. Apparently nobody told them pregnant ladies like to eat all the time and leaving 16 hours between dinner and breakfast wouldn’t quite work. Since having E though, I’ve kind of gone off them, which is a pity, because they’re divine. That said, the calorie content is a tiny bit insane on them so it’s probably for the best.

3. The eating

Which brings me to my next point. The eating things and not first thinking how this is going to make me fat was a key fun part of being pregnant. Now, I’m not recommending losing the run of yourself completely, I definitely gained more than I should have and have battled my way to getting it off again. But the knowledge that your jeans were stretchy and that one more bagel wasn’t really going to make a difference? Far better than trying to figure out what to have for lunch to ensure your jeans still fit afterwards…

4. The time for sleeping

People tell pregnant people to take naps. Doctors especially. In particular, me who was signed off from 22 weeks pregnant, there was a lot of time for sleep, and I availed of lots of it. Life with an almost-toddler has little room for naps, and any naps you do manage to sneak in under the guise of you both going for a lie down in bed hoping they’ll fall asleep too generally end in being woken up by actions you’d likely report an adult for assault for doing. Kicks, punches, bottles to the face, or the new party trick here, a flying punch and then a raspberry blown in the face so spit everywhere. Classy. I’m sure the designated nap time is different on number two, or if you’re hard at work until you pop, but still, the allowance for nap time is nice.

There are most likely a few more things I’ve forgotten or suppressed along the way but those four are definitely things I’m looking back with in fondness (and making the list of negative things, which is unfortunately a damn sight longer, shout at me).

What were your favourite things about being pregnant? Let me know in the comments below!


BadMammy is over on Facebook, reminiscing about stretchy maternity bands and more innocent days.

4 Things I Miss about being pregnant


  1. What a lovely post. I didn’t love being pregnant but I definitely miss my maternity wardrobe, I had nice stuff, good stuff and the perfect on-trend outfit for every occasion. My lumps and bumps didn’t bother me and once I was visibly showing I loved getting dressed!

    1. Thanks! Yes, maternity wardrobes are lovely – I find myself looking at some gorgeous stuff in this years maternity sections in shops and telling myself to walk away…

  2. I loved being proud of my tummy. It was nice to have such an about-face on a part of me that had never before been a favourite. I liked stroking it in public, as if it was a massive beer belly.

  3. Oh the eating! That was definitely my favorite part of pregnancy although 19 months down the line and I am still trying to shift the extra pounds! Towards the end all wanted was Walkers Ready Salted crisps, the other half knew not to come into the hospital without them, I ate many bags during my 2 week stay before the baby actually got here!

  4. Lovely list, can’t say I miss anything about being pregnant though lol! I would say I missed the kicks but I still get those phantom kicks 2 years on haha! Lovely post x

    1. Thank you 🙂 The kicks were never super high on my list, himself definitely dented a few ribs. Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Lovely #linkalist post! I think I miss the scans most, especially the earlier scans when you first get to see baby! And baby kicks. Loved every baby kick!

  6. This is a fun list! I have never been pregnant, but I can imagine how awesome those pregnancy clothes must feel! I actually know one girl, who wears them just because they’re so comfy and she doesn’t even care 🙂

    I’m visiting via #linkalist


  7. I’ll miss the eating and sleeping for sure. I get naps everyday, my OH is very good for taking the kids to the park whenever I need some space or chill out time.

    1. Naps. Naps. I miss them so. It seems the toddler doesn’t realise how amazing they are! Enjoy them while you can!

  8. I loved my bump, resting my hands on my bunp feeling H’s kicks. I also felt quite fashionable in my maternity clothes… we’ll all of this is until near the end when I felt rather large and slow! lol
    Great post x

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