Things to Keep Me Sane

So, since the last post I’ve put up, I’ve wound up having a sleepover in hospital (thank you very much blood pressure!) and sampling their fine cuisine, developed an addiction to a Pokemon Red emulator, been housebound from the weather and had yet another lovely scan of the little man. 

Interesting week!

Things I’ve discovered:

– I was way better at Pokemon on my gameboy when I was 9 than I seem to be now (or at least I’m more of a perfectionist now, so it bugs me when I’m not doing well). I do realise I’m a fully grown woman and this addiction isn’t perhaps ideal, but its keeping me from wanting to throw things at the walls!

– My whinging about the rain in my initial blog post was nothing on this week. The storm which wiped out the electricity of a fair bit of the nation, and spelled the end of life of our lovely halogen heater (RIP beloved heat source), also kept me basically housebound (going to Spar does NOT count). Thankfully we didn’t lose the electricity, just the heater. Looked seriously insane in other parts of the country though!

– The trace machine and I are not friends. On the Friday night, bump was feeling lazy and so made a total of two moves in the twenty minutes it was on, the machine never lost him and the alarm only went off once when his heart rate got a little overexcited. Saturday morning was a different story, you’d swear he was being dripfed caffeine and needed to get all of the energy out at once – sounded like the Grand National going on, and it kept losing him, so setting off two alarms, as his heart rate occasionally went mad as well. Resulted in the lovely midwife having to come and hold the monitor (apparently I sucked at that, it kept losing him anyway) for another twenty minutes to finally allow us to go home and play Pokemon! Really praying I don’t have to deal with it too much on D-day, doesn’t seem like something that will make the experience too much of a wonderful thing (that said, safety reasons are safety reasons so as long as they can get him out safe and sound and in as painless a method as possible, I’ll nod and smile!).

– Despite the food in CUMH looking mank, it actually tastes fairly good. That said, I’d been stuck on a trace machine for the bones of an hour and a half while everyone else was getting fed, the food sitting there all the while smelling incredible and I was starving. It did come with ice-cream though, so you know, theres a bonus.

Dinnertime in CUMH



– My little man weighs nearly 4lbs! Just less than 8 weeks to go, he’s of perfect size and head down, so its most definitely his foot lodged in my ribs at night time! Doctor seemed fairly happy with his size and movement so all is good there 🙂 Picked up a very cute tuxedo patterned baby grow today, getting quite excited!

I think between this blog and Pokemon I may manage to remain sane for the next few weeks, but we’ll see 🙂