8 Things you DEFINITELY can’t leave out of your Baby Changing Bag

My now-toddler has been a life changing transformation for me. Not least in the amount of effort it now takes to leave the house. No longer is it a quick check for keys, wallet, phone; oh no, leaving the house now requires military precision, the nappy bag, the kitchen sink, numerous toys and a few dashes back in the door having realised something essential has been left behind. Most of the time I’m listening to comments like “You’re not going for a week!”, but most things in that bag are things I know that if I don’t have them, I will somehow need them.

8 Things You Definitely Need in your nappy bag

Here are my nappy bag essentials!


This is in the name, so you’d think that would mean I wouldn’t forget them. Ha. We’re currently in Tesco Size 4+/Aldi Size 4, dependant on what stage of the day I remember that we’ve only got two left and panic. Both have proven to be miles better than the much more expensive Pampers ones which our little man always managed to pee through while leaving the nappy drier than you’d think. They’re also a lot more pocket friendly (the Aldi ones at €5.79 for 48 (12c each) instead of Pampers at 11 euro for the same amount on offer (23c each). Keep a big stash of them in the bag at all times, you never know when those days where they seem to be constantly wet/dirty will arrive. I’ve contemplated potty training him many times already and he’s only 12 months old!


As essential as the nappies, these are multipurpose. Not just for dirty bums, they do faces, surfaces, hands, baby food on clothes, the works. We’ve gone through a number of brands for these, the ones I find best are either Huggies Pure or Waterwipes. Keep a big stash of these and if the bag is running low it’s always best to keep a second pack – it’s never good to be left without the wipes!

Nappy Sacks

There is nothing I hate more than going into a changing area in a shop or public area and being confronted by the stench of a nappy bin. It just makes for a horrible experience and is so easily avoided by using nappy sacks. They’re cheap and cheerful – we get the ones on a roll in Dealz, €1.49 for 2 rolls, they last ages and eliminate smells. Especially handy for on the go explosions or vomiting episodes – you can throw dirty clothes into one making sure it doesn’t get into the rest of the nappy bag, as well as disposing of dirty nappies in an odour free way.

Barrier Cream

Some kids are really lucky and don’t get sore, but I’ve found that when teething, it can be too easy to wind up with a cranky baby in pain from a rash. Trial and error has gotten us using many different creams, but mainly Sudocrem and Weleda cream have been winners here. A small tub is easy to stash in your nappy bag and is also handy for any dry skin patches you may have yourself, or any burns. The key to this bag seems to be everything being multifunctional.

Change of Clothes

More important for the younger baby but still essential for the toddler; the day you leave without it is the day they drench themselves in juice/throw up/have a poo explosion. Don’t forget the vests, this is the mistake I always make and only ever realise mid changing the child. For a smaller nappy bag (and a smaller child) a babygro is good here; for an older toddler a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, vest and some socks should do the trick.

Bottle/Juice Cup

As E was formula fed from 9 weeks, the bottle and formula powder dispenser has been a staple of our nappy bag from early on. It’s always handy to have a spare just in case it is sent flying (we have a throw-er) and winds up somewhere not very clean. (Obviously if infant is breastfed you don’t need to take up space in your bag – save it for snacks for you!)


Obviously with younger babies this one is somewhat less important but for carrying a toddler around, snacks are non-negotiable. I like to use Babypotz for carrying combinations of grapes, blueberries and apple slices as on the go snacks, while having rusks/Organix biscuits handy for a quick distraction for an upset child seems to be a winner. It can be good to stash something for yourself here as well, as a hungry adult is less likely to fare well from the toddler tantrums. We’ve found the Ella’s Kitchen pouches or even supermarket own brand mixed fruit pouches great too – you can sneak some veggies into them in a smoothie and they’ll stave off the hunger rage for a bit!


Not exactly the entire toy box, but one or two small rattle type toys or “loveys” are a good idea to stash in the nappy bag for moments of boredom/frustration. A little distraction or a favourite toy can be the difference between a peaceful twenty minutes in a cafe with a coffee and a happy child, or a tantrumming toddler who is bored and wants to do something else NOW. We’ve got two Lamaze toys (Morgan the Monkey and Freddie the Firefly) who come with us everywhere, as well as random rattles and a toy fire engine which is the latest obsession.


So that’s a quick look into our nappy bag, what are the essentials in yours? Let me know in the comments below!

8 Things You Definitely Need in your nappy bag


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    1. Definitely the snacks, my little man is a one-for-each-hand kinda guy! Thanks for reading and good luck 🙂

  1. Wipes,water and snacks is a must my daughter ask for food as soon as we leave the house.

  2. We devour water wipes at an alarming rate, easily go through four packs to five a week! One strategically placed on the high chair, in the changing bag, in the car, and of course several packs on the changing table!! Our changing bag is far from big enough, the car and buggy come in handy for what refuses to be squeezed into the bag! Apart from wipes in the bag, we have a changing mat for unpredictable situations, fruit pots, spoons, Ella’s pouches, bibs, change of clothes, 4-5 nappies, sudocream, powder, hand sanitizer, nappy rubbish bags (scented!), cardigan, and a tiny book, toys usually end up in car or buggy. Very often I will find receipts from the doctor or chemist
    in pockets of the bag! The weight of bag nearly kills me! Thank god for the buggy and car! Love your blog! xx

    1. Thank you!! Oh the buggy is a lifesaver for carrying everything, no way could I manage the bag myself!! Good luck 🙂

  3. A naggin of vodka. Just kidding. Apart from the obvious I always have hairbands for the badger’s unwieldy bird’s nest.

  4. Now that baby is older, I often wing it with the nappy bag and am not fully prepared for all eventualities! That said, there is always water wipes, a water beaker & some snacks (frequently used as distraction when a trip out in the buggy is not floating his boat – he’ll do anything for a tomato wheel!)
    Well done on the blog!

  5. Love the blog Lisa I do sneak on over sometimes to have a good read. Water wipes were my go to from the start as we have bad eczema here. My nappy bag over flows most days into two bags. Main bag consists of a beaker of water, blocks, rice cakes or biscotti (food is a must or you won’t get through a shop in peace), 5 nappies, spare vest and pants, nappy bags, changing mat, wipes (sometimes two packets in case he gets into the bag and one pack gets ripped to shreds) and musical books (the more annoying the better) and I always have a few oranges floating around just in case we run out of snacks.

    1. Musical books, they’re so great at the start until you’re out without the child and the tune is stuck in your head!! Rice cakes are definitely a favourite here too.

  6. Agree with all your essentials. Food is always in my bag too as baby gets v cranky when hungry. Water wipes are a must here, I actually buy boxes of them (many boxes!!), ie about 15 per box, at the baby show every year!

    1. Oh the teetha – I’m forever losing tubes of it and then finding them when I don’t need them… Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. Thanks 🙂 always best to have more than you need than miss out on something! Best of luck with your new arrival 🙂

  7. I always needed wipes, a nappy bag to keep my dirty nappies and some olive oil to wipe on their bum in case of nappy rash!! And of course nappies! I loved having a toy or two in there as well to keep the amused when changing their nappies.

  8. My nappy bag essentials would be caldesene talcum powder, water wipes, sudocrem, vaseline and a few snacks (just in case!) – lovely prize, thank you xx

  9. Now that he’s older only need to throw a couple of things in my handbag… wipes are a must because he just seems to attracts dirt so they’re mostly used for his face and hands! Usually a small snack and a small bottle of juice/water as well 🙂

    1. The all important wipes and snacks 🙂 glad to hear the requirements in the bag get less as they get older!

  10. Oh God, where to start! Aldi nappies, water wipes, change of clothes, muslin, emergency bottle, and Rufus the rabbit of course!

    1. We never had much use for the muslin, he seemed to spit up around it instead of on it. Definitely with you on the aldi nappies and everything else – the all important emergency bottle!

  11. Oh my bag always has waterwipes. My poor baby’s bum can’t handle anything else. Aside from the obvious I also have muslins, small books, toys, snacks, anti viral hand foam.

    1. I always seem to forget the cloths for mopping up stuff so the wipes have dual purpose in our bag! Best of luck and thanks for entering!

  12. Agree with all your advice Lisa, I like to have a packet of anti-bac wipes in the changing bag also for those dodgy looking high chairs!! We go through an alarming amount of wipes here too. Great blog

    1. Thank you! I never seem to remember the anti back wipes so I hope and pray the wet wipes do the trick on those blasted high chairs!

  13. For me it’s defo spare vests and wipes. Then again my baby bag has everything but the kitchen sink! I literally bring everything in it!

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