Tiny Victories

We’ve moved into our new place. We’re in that limbo area of still having the last place and needing to get everything out and the place deep-cleaned, and having very little stuff handy in the new place, but we’ve slept here overnight and theres milk in the fridge, so I guess its home now.

Moving has been stressful. That was to be expected. I hated moving when I didn’t have a clingy baby. The clingy baby makes it all the more difficult because he doesn’t quite understand that pulling faces at him while he clings to my fingers as we lie on the bed is not incredibly conducive to productivity in getting stuff out of one house and into another.

However. He’s offered us a peace offering which we’ve gladly taken.

With the move, tiny man is also moving into his own room and from his too-small cradle into a cot bed which makes him look absolutely tiny again. We’ve looked forward to this for a few weeks. And he didn’t fail us. He had a later bedtime than normal last night, 10pm, after mooching for ages and refusing to settle, but between 10pm and 7am, he only woke once, and he literally fed and went back to sleep. It feels like a miracle after weeks of 3,4,5 times a night. Seems we were the ones waking him after all! To make matters even better, when I heard him rousing this morning and I took a wander in, I got a massive beaming smile instead of the normal roar. A definite improvement.

I really, really hope it isn’t a one-night thing. It’s exactly the tiny victory I needed to get through the stress of moving.

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