Unclean, Unclean

I feel the house should have a bell.
For the last few days we have been under attack from a mixture of stomach bugs and man flu, culminating in a pricey (of course) visit to the doctor followed by the chemists, where upon the first cough the child did he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis. Great craic altogether.

It’s been a weekend of puking and dealing with an angry, screaming demon child who seems to have replaced my smiling boy. We’ve tried cutting the amount of solids, tried Bob the Builder as a cure, literally anything you can think of, we tried it. We’re now resorting to inhalers and motilium as per doctors orders, and hopefully this will be a quick fix! Especially since Mama woke up this morning with a very sore throat, swollen glands, and sore ears… This is not helpful for prepping for Christmas, or sanity in general.

It did slightly dent our trip home, we had to pass on Winterval as a sick little man just needed to get home, so we gave it a miss for this year. Apart from that though, it was nice to be home for a few days, spending time with family and relaxing with lots of extra help with E.

As for now though, I’m praying this lemsip works…

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