Winter Wardrobe Favourites, Baby Edition Christmas 2014


I’m a terrible woman for buying baby clothes. They’re small and cute and to be fair, a necessary evil given how fast he’s growing out of them lately – my tiny 5lb baby who premie clothes were too big for is now fitting into 9-12 month jeans, how did that happen? Given the recent growth spurt, I made the most of a Christmas shopping trip over the weekend to stock up on some new bits for E that I couldn’t resist.

Here are some of my current favourites:

1: This adorable jumper covered in Foxes is the perfect winter Christmas jumper that can easily be worn when Christmas is over too. We got it in Boots in Cork City (and even better, baby clothes are in their three for two so it was legitimately part of my Christmas shopping process!). I find their clothes wash really well and are a good fit, if a bit on the snug side. E currently wears size 6-9 months in tops with them and this while not being baggy, leaves a bit of growing room so will hopefully last longer than five seconds on him!

2. Maternity jeans for babies, courtesy of H&M – otherwise known as Pull On Jeans. These are what they say on the tin, easy up, the hardest part is getting him to keep his left leg in while I put the right one in (any tips for this will be much appreciated!). They have a bit of a Simon-Cowell-jeans effect at the moment with the elasticated bit going up fairly high. We got these in 9-12 months as that was his jeans size in some other shops and they’re a bit big but the elastic keeps them up and there’s really not much in it for height so they’re the correct fit. I am quite jealous of how comfy they look (maternity jeans for everyday life anyone? Definitely an idea that would catch on!).

3. This t-shirt from Tesco’s F&F brand is cute, cheap and cheerful – and festive to top it all off! We’re a big fan of red in this house – nothing to do with the Cork address, promise! – and its a lovely festive unisex shirt that’s quite cute. We also picked it up for less than the price of a packet of wet wipes (1.25, total bargain) so there’s that too! Have a bit of a soft spot for F&F as all of E’s first clothes were from there – they were the only ones who did clothes small enough to fit my super tiny man! They’re generally good for the basics and have some gorgeous stuff that’s just crying out to be added to a basket until I’m led away from the clothes aisle and informed that the child has enough clothes and we need to buy food now… Oh well.

4. This final one is a bit of a cheat – not exactly a buy, but rather a Christmas present from E’s uncles (thank you darling brothers!) – this Tshirt from HairyBaby really does bring a smile to my face every time I see it. It’s cute, design is funny and as with all HairyBaby I’ve experienced, washes well. Seems a bit big in sizing (6-12 months) but he will definitely grow into it!

So those are my picks for winter wardrobe, baby style for this Christmas – got anything to add? Leave a comment below, sure I’d only love to find new things to sneak into the basket!!

(all pictures not my own, courtesy of Boots, Tesco and H&M websites respectively)


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