Working Mama’s Cover Letter

Since returning to work in October, I’ve found myself applying for a few things within my company to expand my experience, or add a layer of flexibility to my schedule. If I manage it, I can spend more of my child’s awake time with him and less of it staring at a screen feeling like I should be at home, singing along to the various singing plastic objects to make him smile. In order to do so, there have been many re-writes of CV’s which make me sound like the most boring person in the world, and also the cover letters where I attempt to pitch myself as being the perfect choice for whatever they want me to be. On second thought, I’ve realised my CV, and therefore the accompanying cover letter doesn’t do me justice. My new life as a working mama, and my recent parenting experiences have clearly made me invaluable. Thus, I’m contemplating a change in tone to my applications after this…

New Mothers Have a Skill set that is definitely transferable to the work place, an experience which will surely appeal to most employers.. here's a sample cover letter from a new working mother!

Dear Future Employer (yes I am just that confident you’re going to love me),

I am writing in application for that role which you advertised on that website last week. I attach my CV for your perusal and hope that you will consider me for this role. I am sure that the skills which I possess are ones which will benefit your company in ways others can only dream of.

I have recently finished a rotation of six months of work from home, for a rather demanding employer, and have recently returned to a role I was in previously but with a new outlook due to this experience. I feel that it has given me new strengths which I am sure you will agree make me a real asset to your company. While I am still working for this employer in a lesser capacity, I am also interested in broadening my prospects by working for your company.

I am a flexible worker with a great level of patience. Just ask my partner, who will attest to the level of flexibility it takes to untangle from the sleeping baby who has taken over 95% of my side of the bed at 3 in the morning without falling out of our bed. I am able to undertake new tasks at a moments notice and have grown highly skilled at learning on the job as necessary – this is something which I have many examples for which I would be delighted to describe in more detail in interview. No job is too messy or demanding, my tiny tyrant has really taught me how to deal with disgusting things under pressures of time and place.

I have excellent timekeeping skills and am likely to be the one who turns up early to work – it does always help when your day begins at 5am and there is slim to no chance of ever oversleeping. I am definitely a better choice in this regard to the recent graduate with the party lifestyle that I do so envy – while we may share similar sleep patterns, I don’t have the luxury of hitting snooze on my rather violent alarm clock as it throws kicks, punches and dummies at me.

I am dedicated and will work hard to achieve great results. I’m a skilled multi-tasker, as witnessed by anybody who has seen me juggle my very active nine month old in a supermarket, as he demands to be out of his buggy and independently moving despite the fact that he hasn’t honed his crawling skill, with a full load of shopping (just the bare essentials) and a ringing mobile phone.

I hope to bring great things to your company if you hire me. In return, I hope to benefit greatly from your employment. I am in search of an understanding workplace, that understands that when my child is sick it isn’t me skiving off but is a necessarily evil to work from home or later than scheduled. One that has onsite childcare that is affordable and flexible would be a great bonus. I’m not asking for ridiculous payscales – after working 24 hour days for no wages and no praise from my previous employer I have lowered my expectations – but your flexibility is a must.

You won’t regret this decision – sure, look at the fine job I do with making things from scratch. As well as my CV, you can check out the photographic evidence below.

Kind regards.



    1. Its among his favorite toys of Christmas, ignoring all of the singing plastic for this and a red bucket… typical 🙂

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