2017 Reading Challenge – Reading More in the New Year

Every year I try to get “Read More” on my New Years Resolutions list. Now, I’ve lost a lot of faith in New Years Resolutions, but this is probably the one I’ve got the best chance of completing. For one, since E now somewhat sleeps (I don’t want to jinx it), I’m now getting more sleep AND more time to read before bed. So when I spotted the Goodreads reading challenge for 2017, I decided to join in.

2017 Reading Challenge - BadMammy

Last year I did something similar and sort of fell off the wagon. 16 books later, it’s not exactly as I planned but I hope to do better.

This year I have vowed to read 40 books as a reading challenge. It doesn’t sound like many, it sounds potentially achievable. I hope. I hope to vary up the kind of reading I have been doing as well. Lately, it’s been a lot of true crime and grip lit. While that’s all good and caters to my interests, it does lead to some freaky dreams. Perhaps some variation is needed. My fellow parenting bloggers have been great for recommending new reads so I’ve added a lot to my list. I’ve also downloaded a lot of new reads from the 12 days of Kindle sale, so I’ve got a stash to work from.

I’d like to add a review section for some of these books on the site as well, to share my honest (spoiler free) thoughts on the books. Hopefully it will inspire others to pick up that novel or get stuck into that True Crime tome (yeah, I won’t give them up completely). If you’d like to join in the GoodReads reading challenge, you can check it out here. You can also follow your friends progress if you’re logged in with your Facebook account.

First on my list is “The People Versus OJ Simpson”, which I’ve started in the last few days. If you want to read it, it’s currently on offer at £1.99 in the Kindle store, just click the link. It’s the book which Ryan Murphy based his American Crime series on.  It documents the case of the murder trial of OJ Simpson in the mid-1990s. It’s really interesting as it includes more details than the tv show did and than other articles I’d read on the case did. I’ve a few more in my to-read list, including “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown which the lovely Himself picked me up for Christmas and I plan on writing about. (It’s another one on offer on Kindle, £1.99, make sure to check it out!)

So, what are your reading goals this year if you have them? Are you taking part in a reading challenge? Let me know in the comments below! Book recommendations welcome too – I’d love to know what others are reading and what I should pick up next!


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  1. Oh I couldn’t set myself a challenge as I would only fail but I made a marked improvement on previous years. 16 is not bad mrs! 40 is very ambitious -it can take me up to a month to read a book depending so I really don’t fly through them at all. Still they say you should still read for enjoyment / pleasure so hope you manage to do that. Good luck with the challenge – I have my book reviews down the side panel of my blog – if you click the books section too will bring them up if you’re interested. I love getting recommendations from others 🙂

  2. Great resolution!I plan something similar every new year. I read 5 books in January 2016 but once I was back at college, it all fell apart. Think 8 was my total then for the year!! Determined to read more in 2017.

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