A Realistic 30 Before 30 List – 11.5 Months To Go

I’ve been seeing a lot of bucket list type posts from people in their twenties, things they want to do before they turn 30. Given I turned 29 last month, thirty is coming up fast on this side. Lots of these “30 Before 30” lists seem to include things like skydiving and quitting jobs to travel broke around Europe, which don’t really fit with the life of a mum of one with a chronic illness, never mind adding a pandemic into the mix. However, I’ve never been one to let a challenge pass me by too easily and have a few ideas to substitute in the place of jumping from a plane (NEVER going to happen regardless of my back unless I was physically flung from the plane).

So, without further ado, here is my much more realistic 30 before 30 bucket list.

I’ve completed a few of these since I started writing the list and left it in my drafts, TWO YEARS AGO, so the one’s I’ve done have asterisks beside them!

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