All of the Bed Rest

Pre-eclampsia. Thou art my enemy. My puffy ankles and high blood pressure glare at you from this hospital bed. 

37 weeks pregnant and now in hospital until the end. Gah. The end is in sight but still. Still. My sofa is at home and I am not. The not-completely-finished hospital bag is at home and I am not.  This may require work.

On the upside, I have found the wifi. Which means I don’t have to do this from my phone, but from my laptop, which makes it a bit less irritating (and also offers me the option to do multiple things at once, like browsing multiple procrastination sites at the same time while googling “fastest way to get healthy baby out early”).

It also meant I got to watch Greys Anatomy at 5.30am this morning when I was woken up to get my blood pressure checked and couldn’t sleep because of the snoring in the beds around me and the crying babies down the hall. At least this is prep for functioning on very little sleep…

Have to start thinking of ideas of things to do though – having spent 12 out of the last 14 days in hospital, I’m kind of exhausting the crosswords (but have started entering the competitions online!) and the staring out the window is getting depressing. Please send all ideas on a postcard.