Back To Normal (We hope) – Return of the Amber Beads


A week late, the amber necklace has arrived. Appropriately enough, it was ten minutes after the discovery of the package in my letterbox and the given amount of jumping for joy while sedately pushing the buggy, fearing waking the sleeping child, that I discovered a shop that sells them. In Cork. A place I’ve walked past every single day for the last week, but only spotted them today. Absolutely typical.

(For anyone who is looking, the Health shop next to TK Maxx has them in the window. Not an endorsement, but sharing the wealth of knowledge so ye don’t wind up stuck waiting for a postman. I got mine from an Irish company,, but think I may be getting a spare set so this never happens again.)

Tiny man is currently asleep. He devoured his carrots this evening, and after some initial fussing and some lovely cuddle time on the sofa, he popped off to bed with no major fuss. The solids had been going a little bit dodgily up til then. I guarantee I ate more of the Apple than he did. I don’t blame him for his lack of love for the baby rice. But carrots, carrots seem to be magical, he couldn’t get enough.

We shall wait and see what antics occur tonight – every single night this week he has wound up in the bed, after trying to break his legs off the sides of the cot. Clearly learning to rotate, and developing an obsession with lifting up his legs only to smash them down again do not go well together, and it seems that it always begins at the same time of night – just when I haven’t had quite enough sleep to be functional, but enough sleep that I’m annoyed at being woken up and not let go back to sleep. Cruel masters, those infants. It seems the simplest option for all of our sleep sakes is to pop him into the bed, now that we’re not afraid of rolling on him. I regret it every morning when he decides to scratch me in the eye as a wakeup call, but the cuddles are quite nice. However, if one more person tells me I’m making a “rod for your own back” when they ask if he’s sleeping and I mention the current set up, I may scream and throw things. As I realised this evening when I was stressing about the state of the house and the fact that tiny man was requiring one million percent of my attention, on the sofa, and having none of this “Play on the playmat like a good boy” craic at all – he’s only going to be this tiny once. And I’m only going to have a limited amount of time off work, where I can sit on the sofa, and not be mandated to be somewhere else, staring into his lovely brown eyes and getting cheeky smiles back. For all of the hard work, those moments make it worth it.

Though we are definitely hoping the amber does the trick in resetting him to a child that sleeps, for all our sakes.

(I was not asked to advertise or review, or endorse any particular company, but this is just the website I used).


  1. Don’t even bother telling people who sleeps where and for how long, some people just love to give their opinion…. Usually to tell you that you are wrong! Sounds like you have it sussed though, enjoy those minutes on the couch and good luck with the amber beads 🙂

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Yes, your recommendation was independent because I have just come across it now, 8 months later! Thank you very much for post on amber. Your experience is something I hear regularly from my customers. They don’t know if it is making any difference until it is gone!

    I hope your amber continues to help your little fella and you both continue to get sleep!

    Kind regards

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