Bane of my life


So since my last post I’ve been hospitalised twice, and am writing this from the (dis)comfort of my hospital bed in the only non baby filled room (so far) on this wing of the hospital, attached to a bloody CTG machine. The inventor of this yoke was definitely a sadist, and whoever decided that blood pressure should be measured at the same time an idiot; because I know that this is certainly driving up mine!

Seems my blood pressure doesn’t like me these days anyway, so on observation for Pre Eclampsia and praying it’s not that. That episode of Downton always fresh in my head (and yes I know it’s not real and was based on 1920s healthcare and in modern day Ireland we should be much better to cope with it), I’m lying here mad to go home and just get on with life. Hospital currently has lockdown to anyone not involved in the baby making process due to flu season so bored and visitor less.

Nice little scan this morning showing me my four and a half pounds worth of kicking baby boy though, so not all doom. Really need to start that hospital bag though!