Boots, Blogs and Teenage Angst: My Little Loves

my little loves

Hello October. It’s officially hurtling towards winter, and that time of the year when people obsess over a day of much food, some love and a heap of stressful shopping trips. Let’s not mention that yet though and enjoy the time that is October. Leaves are coming off the trees, the weather is as temperamental as my newly out-of-wonder-weeks toddler, and even the mid-riff baring teenagers seem to be dressing a tad more sensibly these days (yes, I feel ancient writing that). So, while I contemplate getting the electric blanket out of the cupboard and onto the bed, lets check out what I’ve been loving this week in my Little Loves post (part of the butwhymummywhy linky). There has been quite a bit, including spending quite a bit of time walking and getting to see lovely things like this, beautiful autumn days at the Lough.

Autumn Leaves
Autumn at the Lough. Pretty leaves on one of the days it didn’t rain…


While last month was a rather book heavy one, this week has been much more centred around stuff I’ve been reading online- it’s been just one of those weeks where any reading has been on my phone or quickly at my laptop, so it’s mostly blogs to report this week! One of my favourite authors, Emma Hannigan, who is a self-titled cancer vixen, has an October update which breaks some news to her readers in the most humorous and warrior-like way it can be told. She’s a brave lady who serves as an inspiration and this months update, poignant due to the month that is in it, is a must read regardless of if you’ve ever read her books.

Keeping in the vein of things that make you stop and think, the lovely Suzy at The Airing Cupboard wrote a stunning piece this week entitled “Now”, which really did make me think of the little moments I might be missing out on instead of capturing while I update my Twitter status.

The ever funny and honest Minis and Mum has had a major change in her house this week, as the Mini Mini has learned some new words which perhaps shouldn’t’ be repeated in polite company… check it out here in “Look Who’s Cursing Now”.


I have recently discovered The Women’s Podcast by the Irish Times, a fascinating combination of subjects that circle around women’s views on things going on around us, from abortion to Alanis Morissette, to publishers bias and women in politics. It’s about an hour long, and is great for a mind opening listen! Check it out on iTunes or on the Irish Times website here.

Speaking of Alanis Morissette, the mention of the 20 year anniversary of the release of Jagged Little Pill inspired me to get back into listening to some of her stuff. It’s amazing, just a few bars and I’m back to being 14, angst ridden and discovering this singer who gets whats going on – the ten year anniversary coincided with my discovery of Alanis, so I’m sure my parents were sick of the loud, angry, sad lyrics being pumped through the house. It’s a must-listen album which picks up on ALL of the feelings. One of my favourites from the album is this, Head Over Feet


Since Maia Dunphy announced her pregnancy, and spoke openly about her feelings about finding out and getting used to the idea, I’ve been an avid follower of hers on social media. So when I saw that she had used her pregnancy as the root of her most recent documentary, The Truth About Childbirth, I was looking forward to checking it out. It aired on RTÉ this week and you can watch it on their Player here until the 5th of November. It gives a broad look at every which way pregnancy and childbirth goes in Ireland, and is definitely something I would have considered useful in my first pregnancy which was certainly a huge learning experience.

I’ve also been really enjoying the fact that my shows are back – and thrilled to see that the first series of How To Get Away With Murder is set to hit Netflix at the end of the month, perfect for re-watching! It’s just getting better and better every week!


Since the weather has gotten a little bit colder, I’ve decided to embrace this cold but dry weather and bring back the (Penneys) Ugg boots. Who cares if by 12pm it’s warmer than it was in July? These are cosy and with Cork’s rainy winters, it’s unlikely I’ll get many cold dry days to wear them!

ugg boots and jeans


I’m trying to get back on the healthy eating wagon, so when I saw these pretty jars in Tiger last week (2 euro each and come with a pretty straw too), I decided the old reliable, overnight oats, would be a good start to the day. Oats, natural yoghurt, strawberry puree and blueberries all shaken up and left overnight – delicious.

Overnight Oats

And lastly…

I’m really happy with how well E is settling into creche and his new routine lately – despite a penchant for tantrums when he’s overtired, he seems to be really happy running into creche in the mornings the three days a week that he goes, and has finally started sleeping the night – yes! Success! He’s a little dote at the moment full of cuddles and half-blown kisses (he puts his hand up to his mouth and makes the noise but doesn’t actually release the kiss…). It would almost make you forget about the ten minute long tantrum he had thrown earlier…



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