Busy B Busy Life Diary – Getting Organised in 2017

Life is rather hectic when you add a small person into the mix. Suddenly the days race past, the bedtimes all seem to be like Groundhog day and there just never seems to be enough time in the day. It would probably help if I was a tad more organised. It’s on the to do list, to sort my life out, to rid myself of the stress of “oh crap, I was meant to do that TODAY”. Yes, that happens all the time. I apologise profusely to those I’ve missed coffees with, handed in stuff late to, and completely forgotten to text you back. Life gets distracting. The lovely folks in Busy B sent me a Busy Life Diary to check out upon hearing my disorganised plight. I’ve seen them the last few years and thought they were ingenious.

Busy B Busy Life Diary Review and Giveaway - BadMammy.com

The diaries consist of two pages per week, one for one portion of life, and another for the other. For me it would be separated into Home Life and Blog Stuff. In 2017 I am hoping to get a handle on both, to make BadMammy a bit more structured instead of a fly by night enterprise. I’m also hoping to see the end of a laundry basket by the time next Christmas rolls around. Work in progress, definitely a work in progress.

Busy B Busy Life Diary Review and Giveaway - BadMammy.com

The diary comes in two different designs; floral and stripe. I got sent the gorgeous floral one, which adds a bit of girly to my handbag! As well as the two page spread for each week, every three months there is a useful pocket for storing bits and bobs. Handy for stashing notes and receipts until I find the proper place to put them. Ahem, definitely a New Years resolution for me. Organisation is not my forte, so I plan to work on that.

Busy B Busy Life Diary Review and Giveaway - BadMammy.com

The diary kickstarts on the 19th of December 2016 and runs up until 7th January 2018, which means I’ve already gotten some use out of mine. Rather futile attempts to get organised this Christmas but it does feel like I’m making a dent in it. It’s living in my handbag and the handy pen holder means that I’ve got one stashed with me at all times. It’s not yet become home to piles of paper – hopefully this will continue. At A5 it’s a decent size to actually fit everything into, but not so big to be awkward to carry. When you’re carrying around a million toddler bits and the kitchen sink, space is at a premium.

Busy B Busy Life Diary Review and Giveaway - BadMammy.com

A new feature to the diary for 2017 is a grid layout overview of each month of the year. This allows for quick notes to be made viewing the whole month. Only being able to see a week is grand as long as you have the ability somewhere to see the whole month for me, so this is what I need.

The Busy B Busy Life Diary normally retails for £9.99 on the Busy B Website, it’s currently on sale for £5.99 which is an absolute steal. If you’re looking for it elsewhere, they’re in Easons for €12.99, Amazon for £9.99 and numerous other bookshops. I’m already eyeing up a few other products on their website (the sticky notes for the diary are surely classed as an essential, right?). I think it’d make a fantastic gift, and an even better start to your own New Year if like me you’re vowing to get more organised. Take advantage of the sales that are on now! If you’re in the UK, purchases above £15 have free delivery. This isn’t the case outside of the UK, so I’d be inclined to get them sent to something like Parcel Motel or Parcel Wizard to save your savings instead.

If you love the idea of this Busy Life Diary from Busy B, you can win one. They’ve very kindly given me one to give away to one of my readers. So – to win the big prize:

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Leave a comment on this post OR on this Facebook post :  what is your New Year resolution that you are DEFINITELY going to try get past January 3rd with this year?

Competition closes at 9pm on 30th December.The winner to be announced the following morning. The diary will be sent out straight away as to allow organisation to kick in from the start of January!. Giveaway is open to residents of Ireland and UK ONLY. Part of this giveaway is hosted on Facebook but It is not endorsed by Facebook. I have not received any compensation for hosting this giveaway. Busy B have provided the prize for one lucky reader. Busy B also sent me a complimentary diary for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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    1. Another one that I’m hoping being able to plan out posts I want to write/different things I want to write in advance will help with! Best of luck, and Happy New Year!

  1. After having gestational diabetes whist pregnant this year I’m hoping 2017 is the year I can finally kick my sugar habit. I’ve cut way back but still take sugar in my tea or coffee new years resolution is to cut that out completely

  2. Mine is always to be more organised. I was a bit better this year but I am still a work in progress. We are hoping to move house in 2017 so I want to start organising the house, and doing that around 3 children and working from home can be difficult at times so I need a bit of help.

  3. I love that you mentioned Groundhog Day in this post, as that’s my birthday lol. I’m definitely going to be planning my content weekly as a New Years resolution. I’m juggling so many projects for my blog, YT, charity work and freelance business.

  4. I usually go with to be more organised, but this time I think I want to start a hobby and stick to it! Or stick to more things in general!

  5. I have to lose weight – this is not the normal reason – I have 2 reasons this year – A. My first grandchild – a grandson – is due in May so I need to be fit to play with him – and B. I have arthritis in my knees so need to lose weight so that the doctors can’t say its because of my weight!!

  6. Oh this looks fab! I love the grid calendar too as it’s much easier to visualise what posts you’ve done over the month and keep it all balanced. Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam x

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