Call Noah, we may need an Ark in here

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We got a little too complacent about that lovely weather. “It’s going to be a great Summer”, we said, licking our Baileys magnums and staring out at gorgeous sunsets from the balcony after a few successive evenings of wonderful weather. “Best stock up on the sun cover and the suncream”, we said, as we walked a good ten km walk in the blinding sunshine (child fully covered, both adults getting roasted alive) to buy the damn things. They’re now sitting in the corner of the living room laughing at me. I’m not sure why I’m surprised. This is Cork, land of the rainy season all year long. 

This weekend has been pretty horrible weather wise. There are no playground visits, no long walks to Blackrock Castle. The beach is a definite no. As the child is too young to realise the charm of a duvet day, or a Netflix marathon (even of Bob the Builder or Fireman Sam, our current heroes), we have had to leave the house in this for sanity’s sake. This is how I found myself wandering shopping centres in the city centre at half past nine this morning, refusing to leave for fear of getting soaked, but needing to keep walking to get the rather grumpy (screams when the rain cover is on) toddler to take his morning nap. We were rewarded later in the morning with only a light mist as we walked home and came across free ice-cream. Not just free ice-cream, free Ben and Jerrys. Well, I was rewarded. At 13 months, he was getting none of my peanut butter cup ice-cream on a bank holiday weekend; this was not the time to play lets-see-if-you’re-allergic-or-not. They were out in their force, along with a steady enough crowd for the crappy weather that was there, for the Yes Equality Campaign. I didn’t need convincing anyway, but the ice-cream was a nice touch.







Aside from the rain, we’re having a semi-duvet-ish weekend. Himself is in work so it’s just me and E (apart from my lovely Mama who visited today). We made our way to Mahon Point, just like absolutely everyone else (seriously, parking was MURDER). The usual browse-coffee-browse-lunch-browse-coffee routine continued as it always tends to when me and the Mammy go shopping; except this time on one of our coffee excursions we decided to be brave and head to the Playzone, the soft play area upstairs on the Mezzanine floor. There are numerous instructional signs on the walls; No shoes (two pairs flung off and under the buggy), No over 5’s apart from accompanying adult (tick and tick), no food and drink (so Nanny babysat the coffees and the shoes). We headed onto the foam mats to a section with lots of stuff that spun, whirred and clicked. No climbing or anything like that. As it was full (where else do you bring kids on a rainy bank holiday weekend?) we decided to stay away from the climbing bits and slides etc, which were surrounded by children (who may not have been younger than five) with a LOT of pent up energy. Up until this point, I was pretty sure I hadn’t fallen into the trap of Precious First Born. However, looking at those rough children jumping and leaping and knocking others over, I became that mother, who needed to protect her delicate flower of a child, and wasn’t at all trusting that those bigger boys (who were probably about three/four) wouldn’t trample him. Never mind the fact that he can well defend himself when he needs to. I don’t think we’re quite ready for soft play with the big boys just yet. I’m not, anyway. That coffee afterwards was much needed.

Tomorrow will be a quieter day. I’m praying for less rain, a lie in (I have two hopes), and a compliant child who will sit and watch crappy TV with me. I know for a fact it’ll be lashing, and I’ll be wandering around town from cafe to cafe cursing the lack of play cafes in Cork city, and wishing the library was open on a Sunday. But, at least I’ll have matched my lip to my raincoat. Priorities.



How is your weekend going?


  1. Free ice-cream? Weeeh! We had a lazy day. We bathed and showered and put oj fresh pj’s. Plan on the same tomorrow weather permitting haha.

    1. Yeah there was free Ben and Jerrys when you signed the pledge to vote yes… in the absolute lashing rain, but sure why not? Sounds like a lovely day; I need your secret on how to keep the littlest fella amused all day!

    1. Yes more rain, we woke up to beautiful sunshine but ten minutes later it was all gone.. 🙁

      Off to a play centre for the afternoon, the joys of it! Enjoy your lazy Sunday!

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