Little Loves of the Week

Loves of the Week

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten to do one of these – life has been rather hectic around here with himself away with work, and our going up and down to Waterford and Wexford. We’ve also had some rather not-summer-like weather which hasn’t inspired much in the way of happy thoughts – it’s as if August took a holiday of its own and left November in charge, rather unfairly! Despite all of that though, there have been some good points, so as a form of a round up of the last few weeks, here’s what my Little Loves looks like this week!

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Things to do in Cork with Babies: A Morning in the Library

I’m always looking for things I can do with E that will get us out of the house and doing something which both of us will enjoy. I’ve always been an avid bookworm and reading is something I want to instil a love of in E from as young an age as possible, so a few months ago I signed him up to the library in Cork City Centre, and we regularly borrow children’s books for bedtime reading.

While in returning the latest batch, I spotted a sign which advertised a storytelling and music morning for babies, toddlers and young children which would be taking place on Friday. Upon asking the librarian if booking was required, I was informed that it wasn’t required but that arriving early would be best as the slot was very popular. Having attended yesterday, I can see why! Read More

Happy Birthday to Four Walls, Rainy Days

So it seems that a year ago today, I was trapped inside from raging wind and rain and decided the internet should hear my ramblings. At the time I was 8 months pregnant, a mini beached whale and been signed off work a few months previous, so my boredom levels were fairly high. So why not join the bands of Mammy Bloggers I’d recently discovered in regaling the world with tales of cravings, kicks and everything in between? I really didn’t see myself a year in the future, not only still at it, but as into it as I am. Read More

The best things in life

Since Christmas, my house has contained a lot of singing plastic. There are songs about driving in cars that get stuck in my head, which leads to strange looks when I’m humming them in work. They know just how to switch on or be hit off just as a tiny tyrant has given in to sleep, resulting in eyes shooting open and a sudden, unwelcome wakeup which takes another round of shushing and reassuring that Mama is there and it’s alright, to the sounds of “Puppy’s coming round the mountain” (Mammy slightly wants to murder Puppy some nights). E is a very lucky boy who has lots of toys which he loves playing with. Our house contains more toys than possessions we use; moving is going to be hell but he’s happy. Read More

The Irish Summer

The thermometer outside Sam McCauleys earlier advised me that it was 26 degrees in Cork today, at about 2pm. I think we can officially call this a heatwave. The streets are filled with some rather unfortunate clothing choices, as normal when the sun goes on for longer than three days. It seems that half the female population of the streets I saw today were after running out of summer clothes, and so they opted to either go for the gym wear, or rather unfortunately for some, their clubbing clothes. Playsuits on people who should not be wearing playsuits. Some things just shouldn’t be seen without vodka goggles… Read More