Countdown to Christmas



The countdown to Christmas is officially started. Mariah Carey is being overplayed at all angles. Nights out where you hit twelve pubs and wind up unable to remember much of it are the norm, and tacky jumpers are the couture of choice. Ah yes, Christmas, the time of Mince Pies, Golden Barrels and getting tangled in the Christmas lights. 

This is my first year as a Mammy for Christmas, which is a tiny bit special in itself. Unfortunately, the corporate world didn’t get the memo and so its up in the air how much time I’ll actually get to spend with family, but all the same, it will be nice to have a bit of excitement as the house becomes an extension of Smyths Toy Shop. Oh, the many layers of plastic, and all of the batteries, when I know for a fact that he’ll still only want to play with the packet of baby wipes.

We’re planning on taking him to Santa over the weekend, which will be nice. Praying he doesn’t cry. Maybe he’ll be too young to be terrified of the concept of sitting on an old bearded mans lap. Fingers crossed for getting a nice photo. And maybe we can use Santa as a disciplinarian like every other house – Santa definitely sees a child not sleeping in this house!

I do love this time of year though. When its cold but not raining. Hot chocolate weather. The atmosphere around changes, despite all of the protests and horrible things in the world, people are nicer, friendlier (unless you work in retail, yeah, they’re just insane in that case, speaking from personal experience) and generally more full of goodwill than through the rest of the year. It’s the time of the year I get to watch things like Muppets Christmas Carol, Miracle on 34th St (my favourite) and Love Actually (who doesn’t love the Jump scene?), with a glass of wine and some chocolate and just relax. And though as a grownup who has places to be and a back which probably can’t take another fall on the ice, I do so love the expectation and the chance of snow. Though if it’s being done right, a snow day must be called. Snow is glorious, but its an absolute pain in the arse to get anywhere in.

What are your favourite parts of Christmas? Leave a comment below 🙂


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