Ba-Doopy-Do: My December Little Loves

It’s mid-December, which means that we’re truly deep into Christmas mode here at the BadMammy house. We’ve been to see Santa TWICE, his shopping lists updated, and are wrapping up warm against the freezing cold. I was reminded of this format post which I used to LOVE doing because it’s so simple but sums up everything in one piece by brilliant blogger (and friend) Tracey from Love Of Living earlier so decided that it would be perfect to sum up what we’ve been up to this month, and then completely forgot with all the hubbub, so am just getting around to that now. As the December craziness seeps in, it’s great to look back on the month that was. I’m looping in with the #LittleLoves format from Coffee Work Sleep Repeat.

So, what have we been doing this December?


I raced through my review copy of Catherine Ryan Howard’s second novel “The Liar’s Girl” at the start of the month. As someone who devoured her first offering, “Distress Signals”, I was expecting a lot from her second book and I’m thrilled to say that I was definitely happy my expectations were matched. I’ll have a review on here closer to the actual release time (1 March, I know, it feels yonks away), but if you’re into so-called Grip-Lit, or just into great writing that keeps you turning the pages, stick it in your pre-orders, trust me.

I’m currently just after starting “You Do You”, Sarah Knight’s new release. It follows her no-nonsense guide to life “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck” and from the first bits I’ve read is every bit as brilliant.


At the start of the month, we went to the cinema, which means I actually have a relevant thing I’ve watched this month! We went to see Murder On The Orient Express which I thought was brilliant. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read any Agatha Christie – I don’t know how, but it’s now on my to do list – which meant the ending was a surprise and I loved it. A few things did drive me mad – Poirot’s mustache and the fact that I couldn’t dissociate Josh Gad from Olaf, but overall I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a new film to check out.

Jack Whitehall’s new Netflix show made me laugh so hard I cried and had to pause it to get my breath back more than once. I’ve never really been into much of his stuff but it was a great watch and a real mood lifter.

Of course with the season that’s in it, there have been Christmas movies.


Ed Sheeran’s latest has been EVERYWHERE. You know, the one he released, then re-released with Beyonce, and then Andrea Bocelli? I really like it, I do, but I’m very afraid that by the time we go to see him in May that I’ll be shouting “Not That Bloody Song Again!”.

Eliott’s favourite Christmas song is “Santa Baby”. It’s been played a whole lot around here. Ba-doopy-doo.


I’ve been doing some make-and-do stuff for Christmas presents, so there’s been a bit of gluing fingers together. However, since this is probably not my forte, we’re not at Pinterest-ready images just yet.

I’m making headway on wrapping presents – I’m one of the worst present wrappers I know but I am steadily improving as the festive season goes on. Gift bags were made for people like me.



Layers. Lots and lots of layers because it’s bloody freezing. In particular this wonderful jumper from Red Herring which was a Christmas gift from my Mammy which I am set to live in for the entire winter. And potentially plague them with emails prompting them to release them in a massive variety of colours…. (model is clearly not me)


Have also invested in new No 7 makeup, which means my lips are currently a very pretty shade of Raspberry Blush, which makes me very happy indeed. I’ve been working my way through their advent calendar so my makeup bag is now VERY full and lovely.

And Lastly…

I’ve been running an Instagram Challenge (yes, her, with the very lapsed instagram). It’s the BadMammy 12 Days of Christmas Challenge and I’ve been really enjoying seeing people’s interpretations of the prompt words. It’s been filling my feed up with joy and making me enjoy it so much more. Follow along using the hashtag #badmammy12days, or follow me over on Instagram to find out more.

You’ll also notice I’ve somewhat had a new look around here of late. To celebrate hitting 100,000 views on this little old blog of mine, I decided it was due a makeover. A Pipdig theme, some messing around and a little while on Canva later, voila, welcome to the new I hope you like it, and would love to hear what you think in the comments.


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  1. I love the sound of that Sarah Knight book, I nearly picked it up the other day and now I wish that I had!
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! xx

  2. I love Sarah Knight and Jack Whitehall too. And so jealous that you’re going to see Ed live. I found The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck and You Do You to be life-changing books, so now I’m on a mission to read Get Your Shit Together. Hopefully it’ll help with the side hustle in the new year.

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