Dressing Dapper This December – Toddler Boy Clothes Edition

As the carrier-arounder and main wardrobe consultant of a 20 month old, I find myself perusing the aisles of clothes shops these days mostly in the kids section – nothing there will make me feel bad about my own body, and the vast majority of it is so damn cute. I’m a demon for picking up little bits and going “Ah yeah sure of course he needs a millionth jumper, sure isn’t there a few euros off, it would be CRIMINAL to leave it there”, despite knowing he has an overflowing wardrobe thanks to this shopping habit and the generosity of friends and family who have kindly donated a hefty stylish wardrobe that will have the child dressed until he’s starting school. With that in mind, I have made the conscious decision to stick to the more economical brands – sadly this kicks Next off my Christmas list (see you in the sales, maybe) and a few others but the alternatives really do make up for such losses. Shh, look at the pretty tiny clothes…

Dressing Dapper for December - Toddler Boy Style Winter 2015

Absolute disclaimer; these are not things that are currently in my wardrobe (sigh), nor are they things I’ve been sponsored or bribed to say are wonderful (though if anyone is interested, feel free to contact me), I merely have a habit of staring at the gorgeous toddler clothes and mentally spending the entirety of my bank account on clothes he will outgrow within weeks. This sort of thing may work out slightly better on the old bank account. Maybe. (Perhaps I should hide the card for the rest of this post).

So, first up is the jumpers, the knitwear, the lovely cosy cuddly warm bits that are essential at the moment. Unless you’re lucky enough to be off enjoying the Bahamas or somewhere equally as balmy, you may be aware that the Great Irish Winter has hit, so when it’s not lashing rain, it is freezing, so it is all important to keep the tiny tots all warmed up. Fear not, the wonderful people of the shops that eat all my money have made things so cute you won’t care that it’s beans on toast again, your child is warm, and not only warm, but adorable! Check out this lot I’ve been admiring…

Wrap Up Warm In Cosy Knitwear - Winter 2015 Boy Toddler Jumpers - Four Walls, Rainy Days

Going clockwise (because that’s probably easiest), first up is not only festively coloured, but it contains penguins, with top hats on, ticking many boxes in my book. The lovely folks at H&M don’t sell online in Ireland (sad face) but you can check it out here before heading instore.

Next up is everyone’s favourite “going in for one thing and coming out having bought the shop” store, Penneys. I absolutely love Penneys for kids clothes, they’ve really upped their game in the last few years (says she who’s only been at this game 2 years, but still), making really cute stuff that looks almost identical to the more expensive brands but at more affordable prices. While again, there isn’t a way to shop online in Ireland for Penney’s clothes, you can get more info here.

This grey fluffy hoodie from H&M looks so cosy that I’d actually love one for me – though that would make me THAT mother so perhaps I should steer clear.

Somewhere which has really surprised me with the quality and style of their kids clothes (and adult jeans, but that’s a whole other post) is Tesco – I’ve been able to get really good deals on beautiful clothes which have been marked down, or are just being sold at really reasonable prices to begin with. I’m lucky to live close to an absolutely MASSIVE Tesco Extra which has a clothes section to die for, and have been eyeing this jumper up for weeks. We have something similar already but I may need to slip it into the basket next time we’re in. Just in case we run out of jumpers. Yeah.

Finally, this traditional Christmas jumper which can be gotten away with for most of the rest of the year is another very cute offering from H&M, check it out here.


I did promise dapper, and dapper I will deliver. Sometimes over Christmas, there are different parties and events which need to be dressed up a little more formally for – unfortunately with small kids this can be difficult to pull off, since all they need to do is look at the garment and it’s got something sticky and impossible to remove on it. However, when you see how damn cute these little sets are for toddler/baby boys, you’ll be making up events to go to dressed up like this just to see them in it, regardless of sticky status. Baby wipes cure all, right?

Suits You Sir - Tiny Tuxes & Smart Suits

On the top left is a four piece suit which caught my eye last week during one of my many wanders around that lovely clothes section in my local Tesco Extra – I genuinely tried to think of some feasible reason I could make up to have an excuse to pick it up for E, but as of yet inspiration hasn’t quite hit. If you do have something to go to though (or are better at making up excuses for these things than I am) you can check it out here – it starts at 3-6 months and goes the whole way up to age 7 so I’m sure there’s some event in there somewhere!

Right next to that suit on display in Tesco was the following shirt and dicky bow, which is definitely high on my list of Christmas clothes for E – it’s just so cute, so smart, and can easily be paired with jeans and be smart casual while he’s tearing around causing havoc with his uncles.

This may work better on smaller kids as I don’t see an all in one suit (even if it is a tuxedo) lasting too long in waking hours on my little man – however if you want your baby to channel their inner James Bond this one is a bargain and will have them looking dapper but easy to change – no finicky suit bits for tinier tots!

Stepping away from the Tesco clothes section (for a moment at least), this really cute shirt from H&M pulls off the “later in the evening at a posh party” look for when your toddler has had one sippy cup too many. As well as having penguin-patterned suspenders on it, the undone bow tie makes this super adorable and definitely a talking point.

H&M also do a four piece suit in darker colours here (bottom left) which while being the more expensive option than the Tesco version, is also quite cute. Toddlers in Pin Stripe Suits, exactly what this world needs more of.

Sometimes when they’re this small, it’s considered criminal to not dress them up novelty style (while they’re young enough that they can’t really stop you, and will potentially stay still for photos that will last a lifetime and get you many a Facebook like). With that in mind, I did find these two – and actually own one – which might brighten up some Christmas photos, act as a perfect outfit for a family Christmas card or just plain make you smile!

Santa Claus is coming to town

This adorable Santa costume (including hat) is from H&M and while being cute, it’s also practical as it’s fleecy fabric will keep your little one toasty warm while looking dotey and festive. It’s also a steal at 7.99, starts at 2-4 months and goes up to 18-24 months, so definitely a good one for those photos where you can get them to pose without really trying (relish those days while they last, when you’re not photographing a loud running blur).

And of course, I couldn’t finish this piece off without heading to what seems to be my toddler clothes Mecca, Tesco, one more time. I actually do have this vest, it was in a basket selling festive vests for 1.75 when I was home in Wexford so decided this is what we needed in our lives. It’s cute and practical as we go through vests here at a ridiculous level (thank you bottomless laundry basket). Definitely worth picking up at that price!


So those are what make up my December/Christmas toddler clothes wishlist – what do you think? Let me know what kind of style your smallie will be rocking this Christmas!

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  1. Most of little dudes clothes come from Tesco and survive being dribbled on and all the random sticky things that seem to appear throughout the day and the having to be washed at a germ killing temperature.

    Plus they are pretty cute and stylish. You’ve covered all my favourites here though – Penney’s (I rocked up to get Little dud is Christmas jumpers there and €194 later he was dressed until March – or his next major growth spurt, which ever comes first), H&M – cool without being try hard)

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