Dressing Up and Boogying on Down, my Little Loves of the Week

Loves of the Week


Another week gone by, another whole lot of nothing done. This week has been a bit up and down; after last weeks creche-plague infestation, I was unimpressed to discover over the weekend that the boy wonder had passed it on, giving me tonsillitis and an ear infection. Aside from a diet of strepsils and antibiotics, it’s not been too bad though. Time to join in again to the fabulous #LittleLoves linky from butwhymummywhy. This is what my Little Loves have been this week!


This week it’s been a lot of Kindle reading; starting with the rather harrowing but really interesting Paul Williams book about the recent Graham Dwyer Trial “Almost the Perfect Murder: The Killing of Elaine O’Hara, the Extraordinary Garda Investigation and the Trial That Stunned the Nation: The Only Complete Inside Account” – not for the light-hearted read but true to the title, it was a story which gripped and stunned the entire nation, and I found myself drawn into the tale which is like a thriller movie; just horrifically a true story.

On a lighter note, Abbie Lee Miller’s biography (yes, her of Dance Moms)”Everything I Learned about Life, I Learned in Dance Class” was quite no nonsense but interesting; as someone who has dipped in and out of the show (complete brain candy floss) it was good to see the other side of the villainous dance teacher.

Online; there have been a few bits that have caught my eye too. This piece from Bumbles of Rice about how rainy Ireland is totally better than being on holidays still is something I can resonate with – you have to find the positives! The very funny TheClothesline.ie launches a tirade that I can definitely relate to – why do people insist on pointing out the most obvious things in the world? Tracey from Love of Living writes about a phase which I remember all too well, though my little man was a bit younger – the horrific returning to work, who needs sleep, stuck to Mammy phase. I really hope it passes fast (and doesn’t happen twice here!)


Season 3 of House of Cards has finally started picking up steam – near the end of it! Moreso I’ve been planning my watching over the next few weeks – himself is gone abroad for work so I’ve got a lot of evenings of not having to consider what both of us want to watch ahead – roll on the list of films on Netflix I’ve said I need to get through!

Speaking of films I want to watch, I was shown the trailer for Suffragette during the week which looks amazing – there is history, my little feminist heart is singing AND it has Meryl Streep and Helena Bonham Carter. It’s not out until October but I can not wait.



I did make an exception to my normal uniform of jeans and t-shirt this week; breaking out a dress I haven’t worn since early days of pregnancy, which was nice – it was bright, summery and made me feel happy just looking at it.

A dress selfie is necessary, clearly.

Aside from that; I’ve also nabbed a few bargains in the sales, including this set of nails from Elegant Touch (who else?) which remind me quite a bit of Jordan’s wedding dress to Peter Andre; but the colour works quite well on nails!

pretty nails
So shiny. So much pretty. Never mind the wonky hand.


There has been a lot of “The Wheels on the Bus” here this week since we figured out creche had taught E a dance to it (pretty much doing the wheel motions with his hands). So in typical fashion, why not find an alternate version – this one I remembered from childhood and is a bit more random, think Ray of Light meets nursery rhyme..

In less maddening form, I’ve been listening to A LOT of Taylor Swift on Apple Music this week – yay for three month trial – though my obsession with Shake it Off is still going strong, its back to the old catalogue for me this week; in particular this absolute classic.

Finally, the promo for the movie Suffragette (mentioned above) introduced me to this AMAZING version of Landslide, the beautiful Fleetwood Mac song, sung by Robyn Sherwell. Absolutely stunning. Very Imogen Heap vibes.


This week I made the trip to Dublin to visit Suzy of The Airing Cupboard and her very lovely three year old. It was SO lovely to escape Cork for the day, even if I did seem to bring the monsoon weather with me, and to get to have the chats, lots of coffee and lunch in person instead of sporadic texts between battles with toddlers! There was even jumping in muddy puddles (though we didn’t have our boots on). SIX HOURS of reading, snoozing and peace on the bus as well, well worth the fact that it was a six hour round trip to rainy Dublin!

And Lastly…

For the next week it’s a trip to Wexford for me and E; time to spend with the grandparents while Dada heads off away for work – hopefully the weather decides to pull through so we can make the most of the “sunny” south east!

Am also thrilled to be the winner of not one but TWO competitions this week – I never win anything – the first from the fabulous 59 pounds to go who is an absolute weight loss inspiration and let me know the other day that I’d won a Hairy Dieters cookbook (yay!), the other from The Clevs which means I get a bobble bottle and a six month supply of Probiotics, woohoo, healthy gut time! All of the joy.


So, thats me for this week – what have you been loving this week? Got any recommendations for things to do while I’m in Wexford or semi-single parenting while himself is away with work? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Thanks for the mention! You look lovely and very very young in this photo, bitch 🙂

    1. Thank you – dying my hair brown has made me look years younger apparently – sending off my audition tape for Teen Mom now to make my millions 😉 Loved the piece!

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