14 Spooky Treats On Netflix This Hallowe’en

One of the best parts of Hallowe’en is getting stuck into the scary movies while tucking into some pilfered treats, right? Thankfully, Netflix has lots of content fit for the perfect Halloween movie binge, with stuff for all ages and tastes. What will you be watching this Hallowe’en? Here’s some of the best of what Netflix have got for you to stream.

14 Spooky Hallowe'en Treats On Netflix

For The Kids

Super Monsters

This one is aimed at the smallies (2-5) bracket, but should hopefully provide enough spook without much scare! Each episode is around 22 minutes long (made up of 2 parts) and circles around kids whose parents are the world’s most famous monsters try to master their special powers while preparing for kindergarten.

Hotel Transylvania

When monsters want to get away from it all, they go to Count Dracula’s (Adam Sandler) Hotel Transylvania, a lavish resort where they can be themselves without humans around to bother them. On one special weekend, Dracula invites creatures like the Invisible Man, the Mummy and others to celebrate the 118th birthday of his daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez). However, an unforeseen complication unfolds when an ordinary human unwittingly crashes the party and falls in love with Mavis. Good family fun for Hallowe’en.

Dreamworks Spooky Stories

If you’re a fan of the Dreamworks crew (Shrek, Madagascar), then these shorts may be perfect to watch together this Halloween. Here’s a taste of what to expect….


Getting right back to childhood with this one – it’s not a movie, so it’s in shorter bursts, but Netflix has five whole seasons of Goosebumps. Based on the best-selling series by R.L Stine, and complete with 1990s special effects, you can introduce your child to scary stories which enraptured kids of a previous generation – and enjoy the throwback to childhood yourself! Probably better for older kids/kids who aren’t scared easily. Check out the very 90’s trailer below….

Caspers Scare School

Casper wants to learn how to be a hobgoblin, so heads to Scare School. Don’t worry, he soon returns to his friendly ways after learning about a diabolical plot. Family friendly fun with everyone’s favorite friendly ghost!

My Babysitters A Vampire

Disney Channel goodness meets Hallowe’en. he film’s plot centers on a group of teenagers, one of them a vampire unwittingly hired by a couple to babysit their daughter in lieu of their somewhat untrustworthy son, and their efforts to foil a plot to resurrect a cult group of dead vampires. Older kids and tweens will love this horror-comedy, and it’s not too scary for the little ones either.


For The Grownups

American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy (him of Glee and American Crime Story: The People Vs OJ Simpson fame) brings a horror filled series to life in American Horror Story. Each season is conceived as a self-contained miniseries, following a different set of characters and settings, and a storyline with its own “beginning, middle, and end.” Some plot elements of each season are loosely inspired by true events. The first season, retroactively subtitled Murder House, takes place in Los Angeles, California, during the year 2011 and centers on a family that moves into a house haunted by its deceased former occupants. Something tells me the estate agent never mentioned it beforehand. It’s not for the easily spooked but will definitely suit those looking for some scares this Hallowe’en.

Stranger Things

There’s been great excitement this week with the release of the second season of Stranger Things. The hit Netflix show is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s. The first season focuses on the investigation into the disappearance of a young boy amid supernatural events occurring around the town including the appearance of a psychokinetic girl who helps the missing boy’s friends in their own search. The second season, titled Stranger Things 2, is set a year after the first, and deals with attempts of the characters to return to normal and consequences from that season. If you’ve not gotten stuck into the world of Stranger Things – where have you been? (Probably best not to watch this one with the kids if you don’t want the chance of nightmares).


World War Z

The 2013 movie “World War Z” is based on the title of the 2006 novel of the same name by Max Brooks. The film stars Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, a former United Nations investigator who must travel the world to find a way to stop a zombie pandemic (not a great time to be in the UN, clearly). If zombies creep you out, this one may well be for you – it became the highest grossing zombie movie of all time, so they clearly did something right. Time to get a cushion to hide behind (and a zombie proof lock on the door).

The Omen

Netflix has the original 1976 version of The Omen available for streaming, to get the full on “Christ that child is creepy” feeling from your movie watching. The first installment of the well known franchise, The Omen concerns a young child replaced at birth by American Ambassador Robert Thorn unbeknownst to his wife, after their own son is stillborn. They are surrounded by mysterious and ominous deaths, unaware that the child, Damien, is the Antichrist. (And not in the He-never-bloody-sleeps-clearly-the-devil-hates-us way). You might look at your own child a bit differently after watching….


Another movie which spawned a franchise, Scream hit cinemas in 1996 and has been a firm favorite of horror watchers ever since. A killer known as “Ghostface” begins killing off teenagers, and as the body count begins rising, one girl and her friends find themselves contemplating the “Rules” of horror films as they find themselves living in a real-life one. Scream was credited with revitalizing the horror genre in the 1990s. With familiar faces like Courtney Cox (in her VERY early Friends fame), David Arquette, Rose McGowan and Drew Barrymore, the movie is a classic. ALL of the cliches, ALL of the time.

The Woman In Black

This 2012 theatrical horror movie starring Daniel Radcliffe (fresh from his Harry Potter roles) is based on The Woman in Blacka 1983 horror novella by Susan Hill. The plot concerns a mysterious spectre that haunts a small English town, heralding the death of children. In the movie, Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), a lawyer, is recently widowed and grieving the loss of his wife when he is sent to a remote village to put a deceased eccentric’s affairs in order. Soon after his arrival, it becomes clear that the villagers are hiding a terrible secret. Kipps discovers that his late client’s house is haunted by the spirit of a woman who is trying to find someone and something she lost, and that no one — not even the children — is safe from her terrible wrath. 


Childs Play

The first of the Child’s Play franchise, this one might make you freak out over every toy that starts up by itself in the middle of the night! Gunned down by Detective Mike Norris , dying murderer Charles Lee Ray  uses black magic to put his soul inside a doll named Chucky — which Karen Barclay then buys for her young son, Andy. When Chucky kills Andy’s baby sitter, the boy realizes the doll is alive and tries to warn people, but he’s institutionalized. Now Karen must convince the detective of the murderous doll’s intentions, before Andy becomes Chucky’s next victim. 

There’s a reason people have fears of porcelain dolls. This film explains a lot of them!

Paranormal Activity

If you’re into Found Footage type films (think Blair Witch Project) this one may be for you this Hallowe’en. The first three in the series are available on Netflix if you dare! The first movie revolves around Katie and Micah, who soon after moving into a suburban tract home become increasingly disturbed by what appears to be a supernatural presence. Hoping to capture evidence of it on film, they set up video cameras in the house but are not prepared for the terrifying events that follow. Watch behind a cushion!

Those are my Hallowe’en movie picks on Netflix this year – what are yours? Let me know in the comments what you recommend!
Disclosure:I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and received a Netflix subscription and an iPad Mini in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews, however, all opinions are my own, and I already had a personal subscription before joining the Stream Team.


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