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It’s been a quiet enough week here, thanks to lack of broadband (and internet access for the most part – rural Wexford and E Mobile are not friends, its like reverting to the land God forgot). It’s been really nice, a break away from the city for a week, to recharge the batteries, and having E spoilt rotten by every person we come across. He’s been a bit of a teething mess this week, poor little pet. Still no sign of any white dots, just a poor frustrated mite who is going to dissolve the skin on his hands soon from all the chewing (Sophie la Girafe gets hugs, not chews, he prefers his fists it seems).

For a quiet week though, loads has happened, and loads of positive things πŸ™‚


I’ve been doing this blog thing since February, from a desire to get out all my thoughts on impending Mammyhood to the world without being that girl who can talk about nothing else. Since then, I’ve found it to be a great release but also something fab to meet new people and get involved in a community of others who have similar interests. Recently, I’ve gotten involved withΒ Parent.ie, and this week had my first post on there, which I’m feeling really proud of!

I’ve also gotten the official email saying I’m on the Longlist for the Irish Blog Awards which has me smiling πŸ™‚

Home Visit

I’ve been in rural Wexford and Waterford this week, myself and E taking a road trip away from Cork, a chance to reclaim my non-Cork accent (it’s getting rather diabolical, if I’m honest after five years it really is starting to stick).His grandparents are loving the chance to spend time with him, he’s become an altogether more smily, interactive baby since they last saw him, and so much more grown up looking. We’ve got him in a cot bed this week, in contrast to his cradle at home – he looks so tiny again, instead of almost too big for it. I got up to Waterford for two days, found a new walking trail for a long walk with the buggy and had a proper night out, like a normal 22 year old – felt fab. Absolutely in love with the roof garden in The Reg, it’s a really nice addition in this weather.

Pretending to be “Not Mammy”

In one week there was not one, but two nights out. My body hasn’t a clue what’s hit it, and E has been spending lots of time with his lovely family members who are happy to have him stay. It’s been really good to get out and act like someone my own age, definitely feeling more like myself for it, even if I can’t recommend the day after mixing with a 4 month old baby. Totally worth it.

This week reading:

I’ve abandoned 4 Hour Work Week due to the fact that I left it in Cork, but plan to go back to it next week.

In its place, I’ve started reading “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead”, by Sheryl Sandberg. It’s a bit heavy going but quite inspirational.

Blogwise, this post by The Clothesline had me in stitches this week. She has an incredible way with words, and the most unfortunate of luck – but is always good to read and feel completely cheered up after, when I’ve had a hard night with E, or am just doubting my prowess as a Mammy – reminder that we all have days that go diabolically, and all we can do is grin, bear it and get a good blog post from it!

This week buying:

Jane Norman Ugg Boots

Jane Norman has a closing down sale – according to the lady in the shop, all bar two or three concessions are closing in Ireland and the UK and it’s all going online – now, I’d never found anything particularly fantastic in their Cork shop, but I made it into their Waterford store this week and picked up these boots and a fab top, both for less than 20 euro, you can’t go wrong. The boots are actually bouncy on the inside, have a decent sole and are quite cute with skinny jeans. Just what I’ve been looking for at the moment (for the days where flip flops just won’t do).

Weight Watchers

Despite a ridiculous week since last weigh in, of drinking and bold fry ups in hungover states, I still managed to get rid of another pound and a half, so I’m edging close to that first stone. I’m feeling it in my clothes moreso – the jeans which were too small a month ago, perfect two weeks ago are now getting a bit loose – and that’s made me smile much bigger than any of the figures. I’m feeling quite motivated to keep going with it, even though being at home over the week has been tough – “Ah you know, one of these won’t hurt” – it will if you hand it to me five or six times!!!


What have you been made smile by this week? I promise to post more in the coming week, I may even attempt Blogust!

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