Five – A Snapshot of My Boy on His Fifth Birthday

I’ve got a five-year-old son. Half a decade has gone by since he entered our lives and turned everything upside down. It’s hard to believe, even seeing it there written down (and having heard it on a loop all day, he’s been telling everyone he’s five now). Far from the five-pound baby boy who was so tiny that even the premature-baby clothes we had to rush out and buy were swimming on him, he’s now big and bold, and a fully formed personality. He’s off to big school this September, which is approaching so much faster than I’d anticipated. The quote “The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short” is definitely one which is resonating more and more with me as time goes on. We’re thankfully mostly rid of the sleepless nights (these days I just blame academic deadlines rather than a screaming baby or a toddler who refuses to sleep in his own bed), but we’ve still got weekends where it feels like forever until Monday morning and creche is open again so that I can hear my own thoughts without also hearing “Mammy, if these two Pokemon are fighting, which one is going to win?” on a loop. Still, though, five is big. Five is a long time to be a parent, trundling along and learning on the job.

And Now He's Five -

I used the same format for the last years birthday post (and the year before), a snapshot of his life at the age he’s at now, which is nice to look back on and see what has changed, and what has stayed the same. So here we go, Eliott at five: a Snapshot.

Singing Along To

George Ezra’s Shotgun has been fairly relentless over the last few months, he describes it as a “holiday song” and sings along with proper gusto.


The Pokemon obsession has hit new heights. Who knew there were so many varieties of series, with all manner of Pokemon that are definitely outnumbering the 151 we had as kids? (That 151st one was BIG deal back in the day!)

The How To Train Your Dragon movie series has gone down a treat here too, we recently went to see the third one and he loved it.

And of course (because who isn’t), he’s discovered those really strange videos of kids playing with toys and is OBSESSED. I don’t get it, I don’t understand it, but apparently, it’s “showing him how to play with them”. Trying to rein that one in.


When he’s in creche, he’s been loving playing with their Magformers and building various structures.

At home he’s all about Pokemon, Transformers and PJ Masks, sometimes all at the same time. His imagination knows no bounds.

He’s also gotten slightly obsessed with the Pokemon game on his Daddy’s Nintendo Switch.


The books “The Presidents Glasses” and “The Presidents Cat” have gone down really well here, especially when read with different voices for the characters.

Julia Donaldson What The LadyBird Heard Next - The Presidents Glasses - Kids Books

Julia Donaldson’s books are still high on the list here, The Gruffalo’s Child and What The LadyBird Heard Next are ones we keep coming back to time and time again. Thankfully Stickman (Mammy’s nemesis) seems to have vanished for now, but I’ve probably jinxed myself in saying that.

I’m wondering what age is it that Harry Potter starts becoming age-appropriate – I’d love to start reading it to him but I’m not sure he’s quite old enough yet! Any suggestions?

Looking Forward To

His impending knighthood. He’s informed us on numerous occasions that he’s going to be a knight when he grows up. There is no second fallback option going on that CAO form apparently. I asked him one evening recently what kind of car he’d like when he was older, and he scoffed at me “Don’t be silly Mummy, knights don’t drive cars, I’ll have a horse”.

We brought him horseriding one Saturday with one of his friends to try him out on a horse and aside from hearing that he’d have to clean up the horse poo from the stables, he’s still fairly set on his knighthood. We got him a costume for his birthday so he can even look the part!

(Let’s leave him a while before explaining the political problems with that whole thing…)

Knight Costume Little Boy



Tracksuit bottoms that are pulled in to the tightest they can be and are still too loose. He’s getting tall but has absolutely no weight around his middle (something he definitely didn’t get from his Mammy), so trying to get trousers that will stay up is a bit of a nightmare when they also have to be long enough. He’s currently in size 3-4 tracksuits and jeans that are on the tightest setting.

His collection of Spiderman and Pokemon themed shirts and hoodies seems to be growing quite a bit!

And of course, the flashing runners which he is still mad about the novelty of. “Look at them lighting up!”.


Goats Milk Yoghurts are still high on the snack list. Going through that fun phase of where every dinner gets sniffed at and I’m informed he doesn’t like it, even when he’s loved it every other time up until now. Dinner time involves a lot of deep breaths.

Thankfully he doesn’t seem to have much of a sweet tooth (he doesn’t react well to sugar, it drives him a bit mad, so it’s in very small doses he gets it), but he loves popcorn and crisps.

Tantrums Caused By

Generally being too tired, but in that case, it could be absolutely anything. And bedtime, because he’s apparently NEVER TIRED.

The end of screentime – some days it takes quite a bit of negotiating.

Leaving the house in the morning… he says how we feel. Loudly. It’s not ideal when you’re trying to wrestle everyone out the door and there’s a five-year-old on strike in the hall. However there’s a part of my brain agreeing with him and just thinking “God, I’d love to go back to bed…”

Eye Patches. He got glasses in July and has had to wear eye patches since October. Every morning it’s a battle. We’ve got the cool patterned ones, and the creche is being very accommodating with reward stickers and that kind of thing when he comes in with it on, but it’s a serious tantrum causer and I cannot wait to see the back of them. Thankfully they do seem to be doing the trick, his vision has come on in leaps and bounds in between appointments, but we’ve got to persevere for the tiny details to be seen fully.

He's Five -

Working On

Counting is a big deal these days. There’s lots of counting to 100 going on in the car (by us), with him joining in. There are lots of questions about what the biggest number in the world is and other fun things that I’m thrilled we now have the ability to use Google for. He’s also started trying to figure out spelling and letters using the letters on the fridge, asking us to write words and read them out to him.

He’s fully toilet trained. It felt like that one took forever but there have been no accidents for months now so I guess we’re definitely out of that stage. That in itself is a relief – now just to teach the rules about putting the seat up and down! (The fun of life with boys).

Not Enjoying

Bedtime. Sweet Potato Fries. His Eye Patches.


Watching his shows. Pokemon. Building with Lego. Pokemon. Visits to Fota Wildlife Park. Pokemon. Cuddles with Mammy and Daddy. Even more Pokemon…

He’s started Rugbytots and dance classes, which he seems to love. It definitely gets the energy out and it’s nice to see him having things he likes to do that aren’t involving screens. None of it is competitive at all at this stage. It’s all for fun, so there’s no real pressure and he can just enjoy it!  The dance school have a show coming up at the end of next month which will be fun!

That’s just a little look at his life at age 5. He’s growing up so fast, we’re half afraid to blink and miss something – not that we’d manage it since he’s currently in running-commentary mode. Even though some of the days feel relentless and I’ve been guilty of wanting to pack a bag and run away to the circus (or an isolated sunny island), it is an absolute privilege to see this baby turn into a little boy and become a proper fully formed person. Who knows what the next year ahead will bring?

Happy Birthday, little man.


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