He’s Three – A Snapshot of My Little Boy’s Life on his Birthday

On the 24th of March 2014, I became a mother. At 7.05 am, my son was born by emergency caesarean section. Since that moment, my life has changed forever. It’s been a tough journey at times, but it’s also been so, so rewarding. And now he’s three. THREE. A proper “big boy”, there’s no baby left here.

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So, what is he like at Three? I really liked the framework of the linky post I took part in recently with Awfully Chipper, so I’m going to use the same for him here. So, here’s a snapshot of my little boy, as he turns three years old. 

Singing Along To 

The endless singing of “Let It Go”, or rather the two lines he knows fills our house. Other such hits include some song about Snowflakes, I like to move it move it and Polly Had A Dolly. I definitely need to work on his music tastes. He loves to dance along to different things in the car, even jingles on ads. At least the “Finger Family” song has vanished (for now, watch, I’ll have jinxed it….).


Blaze, Blaze and more Blaze. Paw Patrol has been shunned as second best. It’s interesting how much he is actually learning from it, all about soundwaves, trajectories and how to stop lava from killing you (throw water on it). He’s been finding household objects and asking what they do, or in the case of one egg cup, pointing out that it was a spring and that it’s used to bounce.

We brought him to the cinema for the first time ever last week, we went to see Sing in the Omniplex in Mahon Point, it was their Kids Club movie of the week. For three euro each it was an absolute bargain. He loved it, and we did too. In hindsight, I would have chosen a shorter film as his first cinema experience – at 108 minutes it was a bit too long, he lasted around 90 minutes without getting fidgety and running around. Thankfully it was quiet enough and he didn’t cause a distraction, but I think less than 90 minutes will be the rule from now on.


There’s a whole lot of solo play going on, he’s become much better at amusing himself. Building the railway tracks that he got from Santa in 2015 has become a big thing, building tracks to nowhere. There are a million and one toy cars to trip over. We’re hoping that once the weather gets alright again he can be back scooting – it’s keeping up with him that’s the trouble.

He’s also by all accounts doing well playing with other kids in creche. He’s got his little group of friends which is lovely, they’ve had various playdates outside of creche. It’s lovely to see him being his own little person!



He’s a big fan of books, just like his Mammy. Right now it’s all about The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child. Also a big fan of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and A Bit Lost.

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And then there are the books related to Blaze, Paw Patrol and Fireman Sam that he adores and Mammy tries to hide come bedtime…

Looking Forward To

Sleepovers at his Granny’s house. Trips out to see the airplanes taking off and landing at Cork Airport. A planned visit to Fota Wildlife Park for his birthday.


It’s currently quite cold so he’s living in jeans and hoodies (much like his Mammy). Though he’s a big fan of his Paw Patrol t-shirts – he has quite the collection!


Everything and anything. I don’t know where he puts it, he’s tiny, but seems to never stop eating. His current favourite dinner is pasta bolognaise, in his words it’s “lish-us”. The requests for snacks never stop, ever. When it’s not a banana or an apple, it’s a yoghurt, or “I want……. something”. He’s a demon for a chocolate biscuit.

Working On 

Breaking me down mentally, it seems somedays! He’s at that difficult stage of Terrible Twos/Basically Threenager. Independence and stubborness that I can clearly see he’s getting from me, there’s nothing more frustrating than knowing that’s the reason! I just have to keep reminding myself it’s developmental and completely normal, and lock myself in the bathroom for peace and quiet when it gets too much.

Tantrums Caused By

I want the banana. I don’t want the banana. No I have to open it. I need to press the button. I want to press the other button. Put Blaze on. No, now I want Paw Patrol. I don’t want to go to bed. I want to go to bed. No, I sleep in Mummy’s bed, Mummy no sleep here. I don’t like Mummy. And my personal favourite “I AM A GOOD BOY” – normally mid meltdown when we’re saying he can’t watch his cartoons because he’s done something like draw on a wall or spitting.

Please tell me this stage ends soon?


Visits to Soft Play. Visits with grandparents and uncles, and of course, Coco the dog. His new room in creche. Cuddles and storytime.

Not Enjoying 

Bedtime. The cold weather. Bedtime.

So, that’s a look at life for my little man at the moment, as he turns three and further becomes a big boy who does everything on his own terms. Happy Birthday!



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