Little Loves – New Jeans and Old Friends

Little Loves of the Week

Another Sunday, another week where I look back and go “What the heck did I do, where did that time go?”. This week has been quite different, as myself and E have been on our holidays in not-so-sunny Wexford and Waterford – a brief break from Cork City and being minded by my parents for a bit. His Dada is away with work so despite us missing him, we are getting lots of attention from everyone else to fill the void!  Being the weekend, it also means it’s time to tell what I’ve been loving in my Little Loves Post to join in the butwhymummywhy linky! 


Currently reading the rather inspirational Colm O Gorman biography,Beyond Belief: Abused by his priest. Betrayed by his church. The story of the boy who sued the Pope. I know bits and pieces of the story already, I remember it from my childhood as the bishop involved resigned just before my confirmation, but reading the full details of what went on is definitely eye-opening as to how much Ireland has changed even in the last 20 years.

Blog-wise, there have been a few highlights that I’ve managed to read while drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee (yay for other people who want to play with the toddler while I sip hot drinks!). The fabulous The Busy Mamas has a guide to Bringing Your Small Children to Weddings which is definitely being bookmarked for the future – the first of what is set to be many weddings in the next few years is in two weeks and thankfully E declined his invite for a weekend in Wexford with Granny and Grandad, but I’m sure we will face a three person invite that we can’t decline at some point! This post from Love of Living saying goodbye to her maternity leave and updating us on how work and life balance is going was a great read as well, gathering up some tips on coping with the work life balance with a toddler! Finally, this inspiration to get my bikini on the next time theres a chance meeting of sunshine, beach and myself from Bumbles of Rice will hopefully make you feel as body-happy as it did me.


As I’ve been home for the week, and have actually had access to a tv connected to a Sky box, there’s been a lot of rubbish tv watching for lazy purposes. Lots of things like Say Yes to The Dress, things about Amish families and random soaps that I dip into from time to time. Regular programming is set to resume next week when we head back to Cork.

I did however watch, and quite enjoy, Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious spy comedy; aptly named Spy. You should check it out (or at least the trailer, which you can find below).


This week has been a bit of a mixed bag weather-wise. Far too much rain for my liking in July – I mean, come on Irish Summer, are you going to show us any signs of love at all? However I have also managed to make the most of the Summer Sales (hello Next Sale); and have found a new pair of rather lovely comfortable jeans which I’ve been living in. They’re Skinny Turn Up Jeans but seem to have a bit of stretch in them making them ridiculously comfy yet figure hugging at the same time in the right places – yay! I picked up another few bits this week too so think a haul post might be in the making!

next turn up jeans skinny four walls rainy days little loves
The model from the Next Website. Though I feel like I look this good when I’m wearing them.



Same as last week – Lots and lots of The Wheels on The Bus – E has recently discovered the dance moves so any time he gets cranky, belting out a few lines of this seems to dissipate any moodiness and tantrums. There has also been a lot of “Shake It Off” – again for the dance moves.

We’ve also discovered the lullaby music function on his V-Tech My Pal Scout bear – 45 minutes of singing lullaby music seems to calm him down in the cot and even get him to go to sleep (yay!), it would be perfect if the damn thing didn’t decide to start talking and asking for hugs afterwards – he is ASLEEP, stop being so damn clingy!


I started the week off well, making banana bread (with apple and raisin filling) and banana bread muffins – which likely would have gone better had I not forgotten about them after a day… oops.

Apart from that, it’s not been a very make-y week. After last week’s creative spree making up this hamper for the lovely Suzy, I was in need of a rest – here’s hoping next week I do better!

And lastly..

This week has been lovely for catching up with people I’ve not seen in a while, getting to spend time with family and just generally chilling out in a place I don’t get to come very often anymore. It’s meant E gets to spend more time with his extended family (read: get spoiled rotten) and even gets to meet some new people – friends I haven’t seen since he was born 16 months ago – it’s been a really nice experience to mesh my old and new lives as in most cases it was as if no time had passed at all. There was also a reunion with E’s other Waterford cousin (my cousin’s three year old) – photo does not include loud noises and the mental-ness which comes with combining two toddlers and a box of bricks…

NiallandEliottJuly15 little loves cousins boys toddlers

Next week… house hunting is back, as is single parenting for a bit. Say a prayer for me, I’m going to need them all.

What have you been loving this week? Let me know in the comments what you think, and what tv/film watching I should get out of the way when I’ve nobody else home to judge/change my mind! I look forward to checking out your comments! 


    1. I got them for 22 euro in the Next Sale, was thrilled 🙂 Definitely go hunt them out! You’re welcome, left that post feeling much more “Yeah, I can totally wear a bikini” – even if that feeling only happens sometimes!

  1. Ah those jeans look fab…I have a love for next jeans too… also when my little one is in a mood “shake it off” seems to do the trick ….. we have the vtec pal too… 10 minutes of bed time music… snuggle up…….. x

    1. It’s a fab toy function if only it didn’t try to talk after and wake the child up! Next jeans are my saviours with the mum tum so I’m constantly on the lookout for bargains with them 🙂 thanks for reading and commenting!

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