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Just One More Show Netflix Addict Four Walls Rainy Days

So my blog has been a bit quieter of late. We’ve not been off on massive adventures, and we’re just over a horrible bout of sickness and plague in the house. We’ve been a bit pre-occupied by the Netflix box – I FINALLY figured out how to work it with the Nintendo Wii so am now able to watch it on the telly (meaning that when tiny man is watching, my laptop isn’t in danger). This has not made me very productive. Thankfully on the Wii it doesn’t have the feature of automatically heading into the next episode, but that doesn’t stop us clicking on “just one more” and hours going by. I could lament those lost hours that I could have written Pulitzer prize winning content, created the next great invention or finally gotten around to doing up the toddlers bedroom (thats a post for another day), however it has introduced me to some new fantastic things. These are my best bits this month, so far…

House of Cards

YES. I know I’m late to the game. I know everyone else has been saying it from the start and I’ve put it off for far too long. But wow. We’ve (I’ve, himself has already seen it but is enjoying a rewatch)  made our way through the first season and are about mid way through the second – and I am loving it. One of those shows that you really, really need to be paying attention or you’ll miss an important plot point and none of the rest will make proper sense, but it is gripping drama. And oh, the clothes. I want to be Claire, just a little, even if she is a well dressed Lady Macbeth. If you’re even later to the game than I am, go, watch it! Grab your Netflix, sit down, ensure there are snacks nearby and someone else to mind the kids. Enjoy!


Another Netflix creation; I was drawn to this one because I recognised Jennette McCurdy from her work in Nickelodeon shows which I liked a few years ago, and then was completely drawn in by the concept. Poor judgement led me to start watching half an hour before I was intending to go to bed – not only  is the subject matter dark, but I wasn’t able to resist the temptation to watch the second episode, such was my need to find out what was happening. I’ve managed to hold off on the third for one night, purely because I think my dreams are going to be messed up enough as they are after two episodes. The general gist is that something has started wiping out the population of an 8000 people town called Pretty Lake, everybody over the age of 22 without warning dies graphically and quickly. The Governments solution is to quarantine the town, and it results, as you can imagine, in a rather Lord-of-the-Flies-esque situation unfolding. It’s gripping; dark and has you on the edge of your seat – and even better/worse dependent on which way you look at it, Netflix is rolling it out an episode a week so you truly are kept in suspense and can’t blame this show for keeping you up all night! Check out the trailer; I have warned you, you will be drawn in…

Hot Girls Wanted

Something a little bit different from the norm, this documentary is definitely not for watching with the kids, but is definitely one that gets you thinking and highlights what really goes on in the world of “amateur porn” and the exploitation of the young women within the industry. As a long-time fan of shows such as Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds, I’d seen fictional tellings of the kinds of activities and abuses which go on in the industry but this was my first look at the real exploitation of these young girls who leave their families looking for any way out of their small town life but wind up making some rather questionable choices on their way out. It is tough viewing in parts, so its not for everyone, but I found it really interesting and potentially something that should be used in educating older teenage girls in the risks that are out there. The trailer is, as you can imagine, NSFW, so you can see it here if you wish. It’s eye-opening, so I’d recommend giving it a go.

Postman Pat: The Movie

On the other end of the spectrum altogther, we have Postman Pat (and his black and white cat). We threw this on for a bit of relief from Fireman Sam (who unfortunately is taking holidays from Netflix from the end of this week, to our panic the other day upon this discovery) and his ever-fire-setting nemesis Norman Price. I’d not really heard much about it; I’d seen the odd toy in the aisle in Smyths, I knew a movie existed but Postman Pat had stayed out of my horizon thus far. Anyway, remembering that we liked the show as young kids, we stuck it on thinking “What harm?”.  It’s fantastic in that it caters for adults as well as kids – there are laughs in there that will go over kids heads but keep adults in the loop, a welcome break from the norm in shows aimed at preschoolers. Postman Pat meets X Factor, including the brilliant Simon Cowbell, and a cameo from Ronan Keating (as well as Postman Pat sounding very like him when he sings…) – good one for a rainy afternoon for all the family.


A bit of a mixed bag these days but some seriously good stuff on there at the moment – just as well given the crappy weather lately! Once I manage to catch up to House of Cards, Orange is the New Black is next on my radar since the 3rd season is out this month… trying to avoid spoilers!

What have you been watching lately? Have you checked out any of the ones I’ve been into? Let me know what you thought in the comments – people need to watch them so I can discuss at length!